Gotta rush away, she said

Been to Boston before

But anyway, this change I've been feeling

Doesn't make the rain fall

No big differences these days

Just the same old walkaways

Someday, I'm gonna stay

But not today...

Time for the Fix to take a little vacation. The offseason has finally quieted down with just a few million left to spend and none of it is burning a hole in Donnie Walsh's pocket right now. Names that remain on the list include Rudy Fernandez and Shannon Brown and I don't believe either carry an imminent label. Fernandez will be a trade the Knicks may be able to get into if the Trail Blazers feel a sense of urgency and lower their asking price of a first-round pick (or if the Knicks find a way to get one). Brown is waiting on the Lakers and that could be a situation that intensifies as we get closer to training camp, which isn't for another six weeks.

Other names out there? Shaq, T-Mac and A.I. None of the above will be in a Knicks uniform this season.

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Looking for shooters who could fill out the roster? Roger Mason and Mike James are waving their arms hoping to get your attention. Then there's an interesting, unheralded name out there in Kyle Weaver. Fits the mold and could be a nice spare part at a good price.

But, again, that remaining $3M or so of cap space left doesn't have Donnie itching to spend it quickly.

Though your loyal leader will be soaking in some much needed rays (maybe I won't look so pale in HD next time you see me) and winding down after a wild start to the summer, Newsday will keep the Fix going with updates when necesssary.

I'm told I'm not allowed to blog while on vacation. Let's see if they can stop me.

Well, Mrs. Fixer can. And, I promise you, she will.

In the meantime, here's a look at some dates to mark on your calendar:

Aug. 3 - The NBA will unveil "marquee" dates on the 2010-11 schedule, such as opening night, Christmas Day and Martin Luther King Day. We'll see if the NBA includes the Knicks in the "Tip-Off" schedule. The Knicks played on Christmas Day last year and it's tradition for the Knicks to play on MLK day, usually at the Garden.

Aug. 8 - Danilo Gallinari turns 22. Why does this matter? Because after spending most of the offseason in Italy, Gallo told me he'll be back in the States in mid-August to continue his off-season training in New York and prepare for camp.

Aug. 10 - The entire 2010-11 NBA schedule will be released. Here's were you can start circling the Miami games on your calendar.

Aug. 12-14 - The Nike World Basketball Festival comes to New York City. There will be events in Time Square and Rucker Park and then the Garden will host a double-header on Aug. 15 with the US vs. France and China vs. Puerto Rico.

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Aug. 28 - The FIBA World Championships begin in Turkey. The U.S. plays Croatia. ESPN will televise all of the U.S. games. If you want to see Timofey Mozgov on Russia, you'll probably want to check out

Sept. 12 - The gold medal game for the World Championships, on ESPN.

Sept. 24 - Knicks training camp is set to open at the MSG Training Center in Greenburgh.

But I don't want to start thinking about training camp. My buds on the football beat, Hot Rod Boone and T-Rock are living that depressing reality right now.

So don't mind me, boys, but I have a vacation to begin. Right about now.....

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... tossing the keys on the table.