Everyone's waiting for the first 2010 sneaker to drop. Our guess is Chris Bosh will be the first of the free agents to kick off his size 13s (yeah, amazingly average for a 6-10 guy, right?) and settle into new digs.

Hall of Famer Peter Vescey recently floated the potential of a Bosh-for-Bynum deal with the Lakers, which makes very good sense for all parties involved.

Ever get the feeling that the Lakers are the NBA's favorite son? The Celtics are up there, too. The Knicks? Cinderfella.

Bosh likes to utilize social media (of course he's on twitter) and he worked on a DVD documentary that was released in December called "First Ink", which is about this past offseason -- the most important of his career, it says on his website -- and also includes some comedy shorts that we've come to expect from CB4, who has created some funny youtube clips over the years and did a great spot for Jay Leno (boooo) for the 2008 Finals.

(Damn, that's a lot of linkage. CB owes me some money.)

Bosh is at the Garden tonight to face the Knicks in a game that was originally on the ESPN broadcast schedule, but was removed by the Worldwide Leader and replaced with the more appealing Suns-Hawks tilt.

[Bloghost note: If it feels like ESPN is showing the same Eastern teams all the time, consider there are very few options for them to choose from. Ten of the 15 teams in the East are under .500, including Bosh's Raptors (19-20) and, of course, your beloved Knicks (16-22).]

Considering CB's obvious predilection for being the center of attention -- and having a presence on the big stage -- you would think the Garden and New York would be an attraction for him. But, really, the part-time filmmaker and actor would probably prefer Hollywood over anything else. The greatest difference between playing for the Knicks and Lakers -- aside from the obvious size in trophy cases -- is exactly what Ron Artest talked about as the fear factor that may keep free agents from signing with the Knicks: the big, bad (and relentless) New York media.

Bosh may love to goof around on camera but he is rarely one to engage in a conversation if all you have is a digital recorder. When recently asked by a member of the Canadian media if he was ready for the New York press (and he wasn't talking defense), Bosh replied, "Who is ready for the New York media? Who knows?"

Bosh has enjoyed Toronto but it's clear he's looking for a bigger stage. The Raptors may risk a playoff berth by moving him by the Feb. 18 trade deadline, but GM Bryan Colangelo has to make the right move for his franchise. If you know you are likely going to lose your star player to free agency, you don't let him walk away without getting nothing in return. And right now several of these pending free agents have greater trade value now, when a team can benefit in the playoffs, than in the summer in a sign-and-trade.

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I honestly believe the Knicks best chance of landing one of these high-end free agents will come in a sign-and-trade, because they'll have cap space and they can offer a trade exception. Star players will want to keep their Bird Rights to get the max contract and the teams they are leaving won't want to be left empty-handed.

Bosh could have several options (some have even mentioned the Cavs, but, really, why would anyone leave Toronto for Cleveland?), including his hometown Dallas, but the Lakers situation has to be an exciting proposition for Bosh.

In L.A., he can blend into a team that already is overloaded with stars and celebrities and has the great Kobe Bryant to shoulder the load. The Lakers don't make a deal like this without some future assurance. As they gain his Bird Rights in the trade, they can sign Bosh to an extension beyond their cap space and thus remove him from the 2010 frenzy and leave the Knicks with one less option.

I never saw Bosh as a real candidate for the Knicks, however. He doesn't seem like he would welcome the overload of attention and pressure that comes with being the main guy in New York. This city will be looking for someone to play the role of a hero and a warrior, which is something this city hasn't had since Patrick Ewing, Bernard King and Willis Reed. There aren't many players -- even in this extremely deep crop of free agents in 2010 -- who can handle that kind of demand.

And maybe there won't be. Knicks fans need to couch the anticipation for LeBron James with the possibility that if he decides not to leave Cleveland, this franchise will have to shift to a Plan B (and had better have one in place).

* * *

* - Rest In Peace, Mary Thomas, the mother of Isiah Thomas, who passed away on Wednesday morning.