A Yonkers teenager has his sights set on winning a seat in city hall.

Brandon Neider, 18, says he's decided to run for the 4th district city council seat as an independent candidate. The Westchester Community College student wants to unseat 61-year-old incumbent Republican Dennis Shepherd.

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The recent Lincoln High School graduate says the idea to run first came to him during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. "Our representative was away and not in place at city hall. I was out helping my neighbors chop down their trees and helping to serve food to people who didn't have it. I said, ‘I'm going to run and bring real representation to the 4th district.’”

To get on the ballot, Neider will have here to get 1,500 signatures from registered voters. The Democratic Party will pick its candidate at its convention next week.

Incumbent Republican Dennis Shephard was unavailable for comment