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Carl wins first NBA battle between Landry brothers

HOUSTON - The chants of "Carl is better!" rang in Knicks rookie Marcus Landry's ears during last night's 105-96 loss to big brother Carl Landry and the Rockets. And the moment was punctuated when the older Landry finished a drop-step dunk around Jared Jeffries in the fourth quarter and then pointed to Marcus on the Knicks' bench.

"It was like, 'You're on the bench where you belong, now stay there and watch me play! Get your pen and notepad out and learn something!' " Carl joked after the game. "It was just big-brother talk, that's all."

It was the first NBA meeting between the Landry brothers, both of whom are long shots who have made it to the game's ultimate level. Carl, 26, was a second-round pick of the Rockets and now is one of the league's best sixth men; Marcus, 24, was an undrafted rookie who not only made the Knicks' roster but now plays over lottery pick Jordan Hill.

"Sometimes when you get in the NBA, you get a little money and you get comfortable," Carl Landry said before the game. "There's always guys out there that's hungry. I was one of them and so was Marcus."

Both played in the game, which was attended by several family members. Carl had 14 points in 28:06. Marcus played just 3:33 and did not score.

It was Carl who reached out to Knicks assistant Ken Atkinson, previously a Rockets assistant, to get his brother a tryout last summer. Carl even paid his little brother's way to New York.

Marcus' $457,588 contract was guaranteed for the rest of the season Friday, which should have given him enough money to repay his brother. Carl laughed at the notion and said, "He asked me for money last night!"

Carl's secrets to his surprising NBA success: "The weight room, eating right, getting the right amount of sleep every night. And not having a girlfriend and no kids."

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