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Cavs finish meeting with LeBron

CLEVELAND -- Cavs new GM Chris Grant came out a side door to address the media after two-hour meeting with LeBron. The glass door was locked at first, which set up a comical scene of Grant jokingly waving his hands and saying he can't hear anyone's questions. The door was finally unlocked and he emerged with a statement:

“We had a very good meeting with LeBron and his group. It went well, we had a good time, it was fun and very interactive. Obviously, we know LeBron well and I would characterize it as positive. Once again, we just hired Byron Scott yesterday, a proven winner as a player and a coach and we’re very excited about that. Everybody here knows what a great owner Dan Gilbert is. He’s done some amazing things over the last five years, we’ve won a lot of games and went deep into the playoffs. Not satisfied on anything we’re doing. We’ll continue to make improvements to upgrade our roster as we move forward and this is the time of year we do those things. Lastly, it’s pretty incredible that LeBron chose to have these meetings here in Cleveland, at his home.”

He did not take questions. LeBron and his group stayed in the building to await the Bulls, who arrived around 1:20 p.m.

Chatting with Cavs fans on the sidewalk has been amusing. One actually asked me, "Why do the Knicks want LeBron?"


As a small crowd gathered around me and Cleveland Plain Dealer beat writer Brian Windhorst -- who is without question a celebrity in this town at this point of the LeBronathon -- and a fan was spewing all types of wild trade scenarios at Windy, who looked perplexed. I interrupted and said, "I feel like I'm watching ESPN."

Me and Windy will take this show on tour sometime in August.

Haven't heard much on the Knicks front yet, though they are setting up meetings with the next wave of free agents for next week. Once I know for sure who and when, I'll pass it along, but I would expect them to talk with Kyle Korver, Raymond Felton and Luke Ridnour along the way and try to get an audience with Ray Allen, as well.

I know Chris Sheridan (ESPN) continues to suggest that Joe Johnson still hasn't decided on whether to take the full max from the Hawks, but there are very few people in the NBA that I've talked to that believe he'd pass on it, even to join his pal Amar'e in New York, where he may be able to recoup some of the money off the court with endorsement deals. I'm sure Amar'e is trying to convince him to do otherwise.

Here's a thought about Atlanta's decision to commit that much to one player: terrific young power forward Al Horford and former Knick Jamal Crawford, the Sixth Man extraordinaire, will both be looking for new contracts in 2011. Can Atlanta afford to keep them, too? Nope. Gonna be tough for that franchise to afford to keep a quality team around Joe and Josh Smith.  


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