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Chauncey Billups doesn't think majority of players willing to lose season

Knicks guard Chauncey Billups discusses his future with

Knicks guard Chauncey Billups discusses his future with reporters as the Knicks cleaned out their lockers. (Apr. 25, 2011) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Chauncey Billups told me in September that he didn't want to lose the $14 million payday that awaited him this season, but he also understood the principle in fighting for what's best for the players in collective bargaining.

But as the battle hurtles toward a do-or-die situation when it comes to the NBA season, with the poison pill of decertification once again coming up to manufacture some leverage for the players, Billups, one of the most respected veterans in the league, was asked to consider if there would be enough support in the union's cause against the owners to kill an entire season, if necessary.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of players and I could see a lot of players wanting to do that," Billups said in an interview Thursday with ESPN Radio in New York. "If you’re asking me if the general body of the NBA is willing to do that, willing to lose a year’s salary, I don’t think guys would be willing to do that. That’s going to be a position and a bridge that we’re going to have to cross when we come that."

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