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D'Antoni dismisses Stackhouse's "nonsense radio"

Jerry Stackhouse took shots at Mike D'Antoni as "a control freak" and an "extremist" for benching Nate Robinson Monday night on his Sirius/XM radio show. D'Antoni dismissed the comments by calling it "nonsense radio."

D'Antoni said, "For him to even comment, I mean, come on. How does he know the inner-workings of the Knicks?"

I suggested maybe Mike was too controlling when Stackhouse came in for a tryout in August when he was looking for a contract. The Knicks declined.

Coincidentally, if the Knicks had signed Stackhouse, it might have led to them not re-signing Robinson.

Instead, Stackhouse is defending Nate.

“If you don’t want him on the team, trade him," Stackhouse said. "Get him off the team, buy him out, do whatever but don’t just sit there and continue to embarrass this kid by not playing him when you’ve got guys on the court with their tongues hanging out of their mouth but because you’re such a control freak, and trying to prove to everybody that you’re going to win without Nate Robinson, that you don’t even put him in the game. Get him off your team then."


That's the plan, of course. It might not happen right away for several reasons, none more obvious than the fact that the Christmas holiday is upon us and Robinson has his entire family -- including his newborn daughter -- in town for the holidays.

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* - Larry Hughes, who has missed three games with a groin strain, is back in the lineup tonight.

* - The Bulls, who blew a 35-point third quarter lead Monday to the Kings, didn't arrive in New York until 3 a.m.

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