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D'Antoni, Knicks anxious for deadline to come

Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni talks about the

Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni talks about the end of the 2009-10 season and the future of next year's team. (Apr. 15, 2010) Credit: Richard Harbus

The throng of reporters and camera people descended on the court like a swarm of bees, prompting Ronny Turiaf to jokingly remark: “What could the topic of conversation be, I wonder.”

At least 30 or so people crowded around coach Mike D’Antoni, who offered little insight into the ongoing saga that is Melowatch. Asked what his gut is telling him about the trade proceedings, he joked: “My gut says it’s time to eat pretty soon.”

Then he continued.

“What is it, Thursday? So obviously it’s pretty soon so there’s no use going there with me because I don’t know that much. I was not in contact a lot; hanging out at the house and enjoying my weekend and see what happens. I’m a spectator like everybody else.”

Wednesday’s game against Milwaukee is the team’s sole focus, he stressed. But Thursday can’t come soon enough.

“Thursday’ll be a good day,” D'Antoni said.

It won’t be for some of his players if the Nuggets get what they want and Carmelo Anthony winds up in New York. Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler, who conveniently ducked out during their coach's 2 ½-minute interview session, were unavailable to the media. But D'Antoni spoke for them.

“I’m sure they are really on edge, no doubt about it,” he said of his players. “As everybody else. You have to be. I was talking to Raymond before, his phone blew up over the weekend. And that’s part of the business now. It’s not great but we’ll deal with it and like everybody else we’ll see what comes down and e ready to go as professional as we can be.”

Danilo Gallinari, one of several players mentioned in the trade rumors, said he isn't worried about his status with the team.

"It really doesn’t affect me," he said. "I don’t have time and energy to think about that."

Amar'e Stoudemire was excused from practice by the team. Eddy Curry was not at practice due to travel issues.

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