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Donnie Walsh not talking about Carmelo

Donnie Walsh during a press conference to announce

Donnie Walsh during a press conference to announce he was hired as president of the New York Knicks. (Apr. 3, 2008) Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa

Donnie Walsh crossed paths and shook hands with Leon Rose, agent for Carmelo Anthony, before Friday night's game at the Garden. Walsh said, "Whatever Leon wants to bring up, I'll be glad to talk to him about it." Fact is, Rose also is agent for Eddy Curry, who is of course inactive with Knicks.

As for Anthony, Walsh said, "I'm not talking about that. I want to make that REAL clear."

Rose told reporters, "I've got nothing for anybody. I'm just here to watch the game." He added that when he does have something on which to comment he will be glad to comment.

Walsh, the Knicks president, was asked if his personnel strategy had changed at all during the course of the Knicks' strong first half. He said: "My strategy, the way we’ve planned this out, no it has not changed. The team out there is the strategy and then we have room, next year and the year after. We want to build this team, period."

But is he more reluctant to deal a young player considering the Knicks are 22-16? "Not really. It depends on the player."

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