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Enes Kanter has fun on Twitter at LeBron James’ expense

Enes Kanter of the Knicks reacts late in

Enes Kanter of the Knicks reacts late in the second half against the Grizzlies at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 6, 2017. Credit: Jim McIsaac

LOS ANGELES — Enes Kanter enjoys poking fun at LeBron James on Twitter and isn’t worried about the consequences. But after his latest tweet directed at James, one of Kanter’s former Thunder teammates told him he’d better watch out.

“One texted me and just said, ‘Hey, you’re about to get 50 dropped on you, boy,’ ” Kanter said. “It’s fun. It’s always fun to put a smile on people’s face. It’s good. You got to have fun.”

The tweet came not long after the Thunder beat the Cavaliers, 148-124, on Saturday in Cleveland. Kanter tweeted “148” followed by a thunderbolt, a king’s crown and James’ signature “#StriveForGreatness.”

The Knicks don’t play the Cavaliers again until April 9.

Kanter has directed a few other tweets at James this season. He also got in James’ face while coming to the defense of Frank Ntilikina during a game at Madison Square Garden in November.

Before that game, James said Kanter “always has something to say. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Afterward, Kanter said of James, “I don’t know what you call yourself, King, Queen, Princess.”

Kanter doesn’t think he’s getting in James’ head. He says he’s just having fun and that James has bigger things to worry about.

“I mess with him a lot, but he’s obviously the best player in the league,” Kanter said. “I respect the guy a lot. Right now they’re struggling. I don’t think he’s thinking about what I tweet, I think he’s worried about his team. The only thing he thinks about is getting his team back on a roll.”

Kanter takes basketball and politics very seriously. He’s opposed Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who is seeking to jail Kanter for insulting him. But off the court, Kanter enjoys trolling people.

“On the court, you have to be serious,” he said. “When we step on the court, I forget about everything. All the outside talk, all the dictator or whatever thing, I forget about it. Outside of here, you got to have fun. This is all about just having fun, put a smile on people’s face. I think I’m doing it.”

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