It was not the biggest play of yesterday's Bulls-Knicks game, but it was the coolest.

With the Knicks leading 33-29 in the second quarter, Ronny Turiaf scored and was fouled. And even before Turiaf released the ball on his free throw, Landry Fields started charging toward the basket from behind him.

Turiaf's shot missed, but on the dead run, Fields went high to grab it, reached behind him to bank in the rebound before coming down over the end line, and was fouled. The free throw made it 38-29.

Where did that come from?

"This year a couple of times, I ran in there, but the person shooting made the free throw,'' Fields said. "Before this one, I turned to Toney [Douglas] and said, 'Toney, I'm going to get this one.'

"It happened to come off perfect and went right into my hands. The rest is history. I was sprinting in and nobody was going to box me out. I got a full run to the rim. Hopefully, I get a little luck with the bounce, and I did.''

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Fields finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds.

No holiday hangover

The Knicks mostly said they didn't mind playing on Christmas, but Mike D'Antoni warned his players before the game to maintain their focus. He reminded them that while they were spending Christmas Eve and the early morning with family, the Bulls were sitting in a hotel room thinking about the game.


The holiday didn't turn out to hurt the Knicks, and after the game, several players said they enjoyed the experience.

The Knicks are 15-4 since their 3-8 start. If they continue to improve, they soon could find themselves playing later in the day on Christmas - when the NBA's true heavyweights reign.