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First rule about free agency is you don't talk about free agency

Check the irony: all season long free agency candidates such as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh rolled their eyes at every question about the coming summer. Now we can't get either to shut up about it.

As we wrote in today's Newsday, Wade is making a mockery of the NBA's anti-tampering rules by -- according to a source -- already contacting potential running mates to join him in Miami. So let's get this straight, Steve Kerr, can't jokingly say he'd offer his MLE to LeBron James (as if Kerr would even attempt what Isiah Thomas did with Kobe back in 2004), but Wade can trash the Chicago Bulls organization and make calls on behalf of Pat Riley?

Danny Ferry must be wondering: Where can I get that kind of backup?

Wade backed pedaled from his negative view of the Bulls apparent lack of loyalty (based on the fact that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen aren't running the organization) but let's make no mistake about his intentions. Wade wants to stay in Miami, but only if he can land a superstar to carry some of the load (just as long as that star understands it's still his town and his team).

The whole idea behind this summit -- no, it's not like there will be a convention of free agents on June 30 in Las Vegas (but now that you mention it...), but the big names will definitely be in touch with each other -- is for Wade to see what his options will be for Miami. And if he doesn't hear what he likes, you can bet he'll be the first one on a plane to New York or, better yet, Chicago.

But we have heard enough evidence to believe that Wade's preliminary recruiting pitch to Amar'e Stoudemire has been successful. Even with the Suns' strong run to the Western Conference Finals (last night's buzzer loss in Game 5 was tough....and how about Laker goat-turned-hero Ron Artest making Craig Sager, in his flamingo-colored sportcoat, say "Queensbridge!"....That's good television), Stoudemire seems ready to leave Phoenix.

While Wade has tried to entertain the idea of LeBron James joining him in Miami (understand the terminology I used: join him), it'll be more interesting to see if LeBron engages in a recruiting battle with Wade for bigs if LeBron decides to take on the New York challenge.

What better way to re-ignite the Knicks-Heat rivalry?

Along with Stoudemire, Chris Bosh is sure to play a major role in this and could benefit the most. And like Wade, Bosh used to be the guy who rolled his eyes and pretended to be impatient with the constant questions about free agency. Yet now he's the one bringing it up all the time on his Twitter account. Even on vacation.

Monday morning: Bout to head outta here for vacay. I hope no one asks me where I will be going next yr. It'd be nice to get away from it for a while.

Thursday afternoon: Still on vacay having a blast. Big decisions to make very soon. Sorry for the short absence, but my mind has been everywhere.

Thurs. night, during Lakers-Suns Game 5: Sittin here watchin the game. I'm gonna have to make sure I schedule my vacation a lot later next year.

Yes, Chris. It's a good thing no one bothered you by asking about your free agency plans. But we don't need to since you talk about it enough.

Bosh is an amateur filmmaker and let's be honest, he could really throw a wrench into the Knicks' plans this summer. Though the Knicks are apparently included on his list of preferred destinations, with that last tweet Bosh seems to be hinting at a desire to play with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in Hollywood. It's an ideal situation on many levels for Bosh: he goes to a major market that serves as the epicenter for his film/acting passion, plays on a championship-caliber team and has Kobe Bryant to carry the responsibility load.

The Lakers also could make a very good offer to the Toronto Raptors for Bosh, starting with young center Andrew Bynum, who would fit well as a post scorer next to the perimeter-oriented Andrea Bargnani. For Bryan Colangelo, it would certainly be better to send Bosh across the country rather than trade him within the division to the Knicks.

And if you remove Bosh from the free agency pool, the Knicks chances to land LeBron rest on Amar'e Stoudemire's decision: join Wade in Miami or LeBron in New York?

Yeah, these guys had better talk before July 1 and get this stuff figured out.

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