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Gameday Live: Knicks vs. Grizzlies

Quick wrap: Tracy McGrady finished scoreless in 15 minutes played, all in the first half because of his sore knee. Both he and coach Mike D'Antoni said, albeit somewhat tentatively, they expect he'll play Monday in Cleveland.

"We'll see obviously, but there's going to be some ups-and-downs with him for a while," D'Antoni said.

Zach Randolph finished with 31 points, tied for a game-high with Al Harrington, and 25 rebounds against his former team, and the Grizzlies, a much larger team, outrebounded New York 52-32. Harrington was 11-for-18 from the floor and 6-for-11 from 3-point range.

Fourth quarter: Memphis wins 120-109

The Knicks have missed every shot since the 4-minute mark. David Lee, finally, gets a basket to fall with about 25 seconds left. Poor, poor performance to close the game for New York.

Twenty-two points for Memphis on free throws, half of those from Randolph, who has 23 rebounds and 29 points. And with a minute to play, Randolph has a 30-20 game. 116-107 Memphis ahead.

A 6-0 run for the Grizzlies and Gallinari fouls out at 2:28, his hands up as though he's surprised. He finishes with 11 points. Meanwhile, the Knicks can't get anything to fall and Memphis is ahead 114-107 with 1:23 left in regulation. They took absolutely no momentum out of the tying 8-0 run less than three minutes earlier.

Harrington jumper for a 5-0 Knicks run, down just 107-104 with 4:20 to go ... and Gallinari ties it with a 3 from the right side at 4:02 to make it an 8-0 run. Knicks looked steamless even two minutes ago as the deficit nearly hit double-digits.

McGrady's night appears over after his 15 minutes in the first half. Zach Randolph is four points away from 30, Rudy Gay just three. Randolph is also one board shy of 20. With 5:42 left, Knicks down eight and no longer staying stride for stride. Both teams have shot 53 percent from the floor, but the Knicks have 21 fouls to Memphis' 18. Equal turnovers for both (eight).

Harrington with a 3 and Chandler with a 2 keeps Knicks in it. Conley again, this time just a field goal. 103-97.

Conley with a 3-pointer right out of a timeout with about 8:25 to go, puts Grizzlies ahead 99-92. Knicks didn't come out with nearly the same spring they did to start the third quarter.

Third quarter: Grizzlies lead 88-85

Steal by Douglas at the top of the Memphis arc, takes it all the way and has a chance at the 3-point play that would put the Knicks ahead with 31.6 to go in the third quarter. It's good, 86-85 Knicks lead.

Randolph gets his own rebound off an ugly shot. Have to wonder how many off his own shots he's gotten for rebounds. Walker answers with a dunk from the right baseline.

Randolph having a great game: 19 points, 17 rebounds. Gasol still leading with 22. McGrady yet to see playing time this half. Harrington has a team-high 24 points, he's already matched his first-half scoring output this quarter.

Harrington has better luck from the spot House was just shooting from. Hits the 3, Knicks trail 75-74. Ranolph tip-in on the other end puts it back out to 77-74. But Harrington — take notes, Eddie — hits another 3. Tie game, Knicks going to the line.

Eddie House hits a 3 to close the deficit to 73-71, the Grizzlies have an airball at the other end and what does House do? Tries again for the exact same shot. At least the second time he's done that, and missed, this game. Randolph to the line, Grizzlies still ahead 73-71, with 3:28 to go in the quarter.

Harrington with a shot-clock beating 3 from the left side, but Danilo draws his fourth foul on the other end. He's protesting — got a bad call earlier in the game but he deserved this one on Gay, who hits both to make it 70-67 Grizzlies. Knicks had a lead, and now they're back where they were in the second quarter, fighting to overcome a one-shot deficit. 5:57 to go in the third.

Gay with a one-handed dunk from the left block to put Mepmhis ahead 66-64 with about seven minutes to go in the third quarter.

Gallinari drives from almost the same spot Chandler did, faces a double-team and passes behind his back to Lee who hits a jumper to tie it at 60. A stop on the other end and another Chandler dunk — and a frown from Gay — and Knicks ahead 62-60.

Randolph with a loose ball foul out of the timeout, Knicks — as they could in the second quarter  — with a chance to pull ahead. Wilson Chandler takes advantage with a right-wing drive to the basket. All Knicks so far this half. Chandler had just three points in the first half.

Gallo and Harrington open the second half with two quick baskets, 1:05 in, tying the game at 56

Halftime analysis: Lee has 15 points and Harrington has 12. Both teams shooting about 50 percent. Randolph came out on a tear, finishing the first quarter with 12 boards but pulled in none in the second quarter. Marc Gasol, of all people, leading the Grizzlies in assists with five — he's also their scoring leader with 16 points. Behind Randolph, he's second with eight boards. McGrady's played 15:04 and missed all three of his shots, has just two assists. A quiet game, maybe to expected after last night. Harrington's shooting 5-for-8 overall 2-for-4 from 3-point range, and House is 2-for-3.

Second quarter: Memphis leads 56-52.

Memphis ahead 51-49 with less than two minutes to go. McGrady has no points in 14 minutes, and maybe my estimation of his floor presence wasn't the best tonight: he's got a plus-minus of -14. David Lee 7-for-9, leading Knicks — again — with 15 points.

Chandler and Gallinari both have three fouls with about 3:20 to go. Both teams had multiple chances to pull ahead after the Knicks drew within 1 at 37-36, but both stammered. McGrady comes on the floor and the Knicks pull ahead 42-41 on an alley oop, Rodriguez to Walker. More and more it feels McGrady is a catalyst, whether scoring or not.

Strong start, Knicks draw within 3 on an Al Harrington 3. Chandler draws it to within 1 on an alley oop from House - Knicks down just 1, 37-36. Knicks on a 13-6 run to start the quarter. Maybe House doesn't only shoot.

First quarter: 31-23 Memphis leads

David Lee's numbers have to be somewhat inflated by the absence of a top-tier scorer on the Knicks this season. But he does seem to be the one player who can be relied on to end a drought, hit a last-second basket a la Friday night. Lee has a nice move inside, and Harrington hits a 3. 7-2 Knicks run with about 30 seconds to go, 31-23 Memphis.

This just in: Eddie House loves to shoot. But when he shoots too quickly, it sets up fast breaks. Memphis ahead 27-16, about two minutes to go.

With three minutes to go, Memphis ahead 25-16.

Out of the break, Knicks sub in Eddie House and Al Harrington, Gallinari called for a questionable charge in the paint on the left side as he attempted to spin toward the basket, that's his second personal. Two possessions later, Gallinari pulls a similar move from the right side and in.

A Gay 3-pointer from the top of the arc puts Memphis ahead 21-7 with 5:34 to go in the first quarter - as poor a start as you could imagine for the Knicks. New York shooting 27 percent, Memphis 56. David Lee only Knick with a field goal yet. Eesh.

Eight rebounds for Randolph less than four minutes in - fired up to play his old team or not, that's how it's going to look in the box score tomorrow. Post-game quotes will be interesting.

David Lee gets Knicks' first points after Memphis opens with a 6-0 run. With 9:25 to go, it's 10-2 — Memphis playing for a playoff berth, and has also been walloped by the Knicks in recent meetings. Maybe a little revenge tonight.


It would be a stretch to call it a triumphant return to Madison Square Garden, for either the Knicks or Zach Randolph. A somewhat proud return you could get away with.

A night after snapping an eight-game losing streak, the Knicks (20-37) return home at 7:30 tonight to host the Memphis Grizzlies (29-29) and former Knick Zach Randolph, who was named a Western Conference All-Star.

Randolph leads Memphis with 20.4 points and 11.7 rebounds per game. He played in 80 games for New York from 2007-09, and averaged 17.6 ppg in his first season.

The Knicks pulled out a 118-116 victory over Washington in overtime Friday on a David Lee basket with 1.6 seconds remaining. Tracy McGrady, who scored 23 points against Washington, is dealing with his own version of the Joba Rules — just with minutes instead of pitches. Something to watch for it's close and late.

Evan Drellich here at the Garden to take you through the game.

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