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Iman Shumpert gets advice from Darrelle Revis

Iman Shumpert drives to the basket in action

Iman Shumpert drives to the basket in action against the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden. (Feb. 2, 2013) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis gave Iman Shumpert some words of wisdom about defense recently that opened up his eyes.

"One of the things he was telling me was after you have a good year, the next year it's hard to get interceptions," Shumpert said. "You start cheating and doing stuff you wouldn't normally do just to get stuff. You have to understand as a good defender, if people don't go at you, it's a good thing. That means you're helping the team."

The Knicks' second-year swingman said it's a hard concept for him to grasp because he's been a playmaker on both ends of the floor. This season, he has the ball less and, until recently, wasn't making as many plays defensively. He said it was because opponents have gone at him differently, and wouldn't blame any of his struggles on returning from ACL surgery.

"People are more conscious of how they're trying to score on me," Shumpert said. "Last year, nobody really knew. Guys would come at me and I was able to make plays. Guys sort of know he's going to try and bait me into a steal. They play differently."

Shumpert has been more active and aggressive lately, which is a good sign for the Knicks. Woodson has told Shumpert to focus on his defense and that the rest of his game will come around. "Woody is like, 'We don't need you to score 20 points,' " Shumpert said. " 'Right now, I need you to defend. And when people need a bucket, I need to put you in there and [you make sure] they can't get it."

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