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Iman Shumpert was slowed by knee soreness during the offseason

Iman Shumpert at Knicks media day. (Sept.

Iman Shumpert at Knicks media day. (Sept. 30, 2013) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

PROVIDENCE - Iman Shumpert revealed he took about three to four weeks off in the offseason because of soreness in his surgically repaired left knee.

Mike Woodson said "some nicks and bruises" kept Shumpert from doing some of the things the Knicks wanted him to do in the summer, and that he wasn't "in great shape" when camp started.

Shumpert, who tore his left ACL in the 2012 playoffs, said his knee isn't bothering him now.

“It’s just here and there but they said that would happen when I got the ACL surgery,” Shumpert said. “So I was expecting it. I was actually thinking it would come earlier. But they said there would be some soreness. But that’s from taking all that time off just to let my body get healthy again after the season and trying to get back in shape, you deal with some soreness. They just don’t want to speed me up so I don’t hurt it.

“Then we come and we start training camp and I’m running full speed, we’re doing full-court stuff. It’s just that shock on the knee And then getting back into game shape so it don’t hurt no more. Losing that little baby fat that I had. I ate pretty good this summer.”

Shumpert said the knee wasn’t the reason he played in only one summer league game. He had an appearance and event he committed to in China.

He has been slowed by a sore shoulder in this training camp. But Woodson said Shumpert bounced back quickly from that and he plans to play him about 20 minutes Wednesday in the Knicks’ preseason opener against Boston.

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