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Isiah Thomas says Donnie Walsh OK with his hire

        Isiah Thomas is trying to squash reports that Knicks president Donnie Walsh is upset with his being hired as a special consultant for the Knicks.

          "“Donnie Walsh and I, and  [MSG chairman] Jim Dolan and I, we’ve always had great respect for each other,'' Thomas said on Dan Le Batard's Miami radio show Monday morning. "Donnie and I have worked with each other. Actually, Donnie gave me my first job in the NBA in terms of coaching with the Indiana Pacers The relationships that we have and our ability to work together and understand how tough it is to win in New York and try to assemble talent to go out there and compete, I’m glad they have given me the opportunity to come back.”

          Thomas also had plenty of other interesting things to say in the interview, including that his main loyalty at  this point is to Florida International University, where he remains the head coach.

        He even talked about his messy split with the Knicks, including the sexual harassment suit he lost  to Anucha Brown Sanders.

         Said Thomas: “I’ve always maintained my innocence. That’s how I explain that situation. And also, there was a lot going on in my life at that time, also. My mother was dying. I had been falsely accused in my mind of this horrible thing. We went to court to prove it and we lost and we moved on. I think that the press release that was released after the trial one of the things that was said is that we did not believe that the jury got it right.”

Barbara Barker, aka meanbarb on twitter, filling in for Alan Hahn

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