PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Knicks aren't dealing only with knee problems. J.R. Smith said another body part is an issue.

"We got to check out our heart right now," he said. "We either got to compete or pack up and go home. It's just that simple."

The Knicks weren't competitive in the first two games of this trip, losing by 29 at Golden State on Monday and by 23 in Denver on Wednesday. They hoped to break that trend Thursday night against the Trail Blazers despite being without Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire and perhaps Tyson Chandler.

Anthony flew back to New York Thursday to have the fluid drained from his right knee. Stoudemire had his right knee scoped and cleaned out Monday and will miss at least six weeks. Chandler suffered a "contused left knee" in Denver.

Smith's left knee and shin have been bothering him, but he hasn't missed a game. The Knicks, however, have taken some quarters off lately. They scored 12 points in the second quarter and nine in the fourth at Golden State. In Denver, they were outscored 33-16 in the second and trailed by 34 in the third.

"I don't mind losing," Smith said. "But if we just go out there and get demolished, that's a problem, especially when you're supposed to be considered one of the best teams in your division and your conference. It's just not a good look for us."

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Raymond's return

Raymond Felton expected to be treated like public enemy No. 1 in his return to Portland, where he spent last season. Felton called it "probably the worst moment I had in basketball" and said "certain [media] people . . . better not come near me."

He was given rough treatment by the media and wasn't popular with the fans. "I came in and I was out of shape," Felton said. "I said that from the beginning. I said that the whole time. As far as anything else they want to say, it's not true, and they can say whatever. I'm going to be as positive as I can be."

Martin likely to stay

Kenyon Martin's second 10-day contract is up. The Knicks are expected to sign him for the rest of the season Friday.