DENVER - When Carmelo Anthony saw the replays of Nets coach Jason Kidd intentionally spilling a drink so his team would have time to diagram a play, it made him think of last season and what the Knicks are missing now.

"That just goes to show you what type of person he is: do whatever he got to do to win," Anthony said. "He protects his team, looks after his guys. That's the type of guy he was when he was here."

Kidd was fined $50,000 by the NBA. That doesn't change how smart and competitive he is, though.

Kidd's presence and leadership were invaluable for the Knicks last season. Many focus on his missing his last 18 shots in the playoffs, but many in the Knicks' locker room, including Anthony, continue to speak with reverence about the influence that Kidd, Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas had last season.

"I think now we do miss J-Kidd, Kurt and Rasheed," Anthony said.

Mike Woodson wouldn't give his opinion on the Kidd spill. "I can't comment on anything these days," he said. "Not right now."

But Woodson did comment on another smart play by Kidd: As a Maverick, he dribbled upcourt and ran into Hawks coach Woodson as he stood on the sideline. Woodson was hit with a technical.

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"I got a piece of him back last year on the first day of camp," he said. "It was a smart move because he changed the whole dynamics of that game. We were winning. They ended up beating us."


Chandler updateTyson Chandler said he hasn't "had any setbacks'' but doesn't know when he'll be able to start running on the court or when he'll return. The timetable the Knicks gave when Chandler broke his right leg Nov. 5 was four to six weeks. It seems as if it will be closer to six.

Chandler has done some light running on an anti-gravity treadmill. Woodson said it could be a couple of more weeks before Chandler is back, and that more will be known after the Knicks "come off this trip and get through next week.''