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Knicks' D'Antoni dismisses Stackhouse rant on Nate

Jerry Stackhouse used his weekly radio show to rip Mike D'Antoni for being "a control freak" and "an extremist" for benching Nate Robinson. And D'Antoni fired back by dismissing the point of view as "nonsense radio."

"For him to even comment, I mean, come on," D'Antoni said before last night's game against the Bulls. "How does he know the inner workings of the Knicks? Jerry's a good guy and a good player and he's doing his job, which is nonsense radio. That's the way it is, it's entertainment. But he doesn't know."

Robinson's status remains unchanged even after Donnie Walsh and Robinson's agent, Aaron Goodwin, spoke Monday. Walsh said the sides "haven't come to a decision at all" and he is "not at a stage where I can give answers and neither is Mr. Goodwin."

Walsh did say that this situation is "not even close" to what he experienced a year ago when the team banished Stephon Marbury from the team while a buyout was negotiated. Though a buyout could be the result for Robinson, Walsh isn't ready to commit to it yet.

"I don't usually look to do those things," he said, "and I'm no different now."

With the Christmas holiday and Robinson hosting his entire family at his Westchester condo, it is unlikely any moves will be made until after the holiday. The Knicks play on Christmas Day on national television and one of the league's most popular players probably won't be part of the show.

Stackhouse, who hosts a weekly show on Sirius and made the comments on Monday's broadcast, believes that's unfair.

"I know Nate has to be, obviously, frustrated with the situation," Stackhouse said. "But I think you have to look at the situation as a whole. To be an NBA coach, you're a control freak. You really are a control freak just because you think about all the things that coaches have to manage from the players to practices to the media to the owner to the fans, things with the league, with the referees. So just to be a coach, you're a control freak.

"With any type of personality you can have your extremists, and I think D'Antoni is just an extremist. I mean, he's just a guy that's just so stubborn, such a control freak, and wants to make an example of this kid. It's not fair to him."

Stackhouse is currently without an NBA contract. The Knicks - who are owned by Cablevision, which also owns Newsday - brought him in for a workout in August but opted not to sign him.

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