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Jackson has a message for pundits picking next Knicks coach

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson takes questions

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson takes questions from reporters, Monday, Feb. 8, 2016 at the team's practice facility after firing head coach Derek Fisher. Credit: AP / Seth Wenig

Phil Jackson responded on Twitter to “the pundits” speculating who he would pick as the Knicks’ next coach.

The Knicks president, who fired Derek Fisher Monday, tweeted, “I am sad about D-Fish. However I’m not discouraged. Here is some things pundits show know before assuming ‘next.’”

It’s been widely reported that Fisher’s successor likely would be from Jackson’s coaching tree. Luke Walton and Brian Shaw are among the candidates. But in Jackson’s long 421-word tweet, he laid out his philosophy, and said the triangle offense isn’t required but system basketball is.

Jackson said the style of leadership he’s looking for “has more to do with the group goals and the esteem of an individual led by the group achievements. It involves moving the organization or culture of a group towards a higher nature.”

Jackson added that “transactional management style surely is effective but doesn’t match my personal nature.” Jackson called that “a clue” for people wondering who would lead the Knicks going forward.

Although more accomplished coaches such as Jeff Van Gundy, Tom Thibodeau and even Mark Jackson are available, Jackson sounded cool on them when he announced Fisher’s firing.

Jackson handed the coaching reins over to associate head coach Kurt Rambis on an interim basis. He made his debut last night against the Wizards, and will have the job for the remainder of the season, Jackson said. Rambis could hold onto it if he leads the Knicks into the playoffs.

Rambis, an assistant under Jackson with the Lakers, is well-versed in the triangle offense, which helped Jackson win 11 NBA titles as a coach.

Jackson said that “inside the leader of that team is the idea that there should be a system of play that includes the group.” Jackson added that it can “include” the triangle “but doesn’t exclude other systems that include group play.”

Jackson closed his post by saying “being able to play in any group is a joyful experience, be it drama, music or sports. In sports the team that has the most individuals playing in concert together is usually the winner, which is how we just success in the business, which is the ultimate goal for this Knicks team.”

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