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Knicks send Iman Shumpert to the video tape

Iman Shumpert drives to the basket in action

Iman Shumpert drives to the basket in action against the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden. (Feb. 2, 2013) Credit: Jim McIsaac

INDIANAPOLIS - Iman Shumpert made some appearances over All-Star Weekend in Houston, and also watched some tape the Knicks gave him to kind of kick-start him after the break.

Shumpert, the subject of trade rumors, hasn’t been himself since returning from a torn left ACL 13 games ago. A big part of that is coming back from the injury itself. But Mike Woodson wanted to remind Shumpert of the player he was last year to motivate him.

“Our video guys and my coaches put together a little thing so I could look at what I was doing last year,” Shumpert said. “They want to put those positive vibes back in my head of what I was doing before and what I’ve been doing lately, how I just need to get back into the habit of always pushing myself to do things.”

Shumpert had clips of what he’s done this season so he was comparing the two.

“I think I was just a lot more aggressive,” he said. “I got more rebounds to just pushing the break myself. A lot of times this year I’ll get a rebound and sort of look around to see who’s around me. Last year was just get the rebound and go. Just little things I haven’t noticed. And I haven’t played in eight months so I got away from doing a lot of things, getting the ball, making drives to dish off. And then just being poised, people trapping me, things like that, I didn’t panic as much as I have this year, just because I haven’t seen everything thrown at me.

“But I’m hoping that just - I don’t know, I played 12, 13 games now, taking a step away from it, being able to watch it, I think coming back I can fix some of the things I wasn’t doing.”

Woodson has said Shumpert wouldn't be traded. The trade deadline is less than 24 hours away.

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