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LeBron James won’t comment on Knicks-Carmelo Anthony relationship

LeBron James controls the ball in the first

LeBron James controls the ball in the first quarter against Carmelo Anthony at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016. Credit: Jim McIsaac

LeBron James considers Carmelo Anthony his “brother,” but King James made it clear on Saturday that he is not his brother’s keeper.

James has been quite vocal lately about certain topics, such as wanting the Cavs to upgrade their roster and lashing out at TNT analyst Charles Barkley for unappreciated critiques.

But when asked on Saturday morning if he thinks the Knicks are doing right by Anthony as the Feb. 23 trade deadline approaches, James kept his opinions mostly to himself.

“I don’t think that’s my lane to kind of comment on,” James said at the Garden about 10 hours before the Knicks lost to the Cavaliers, 111-104, in a nationally televised contest at Madison Square Garden. “I just want the best for my brother and whatever the case may rest in their future — whether if he’s here or if he’s elsewhere — I just want him to be happy. But it’s not my place to comment on a relationship that I’m not involved in.”

James has criticized Knicks president Phil Jackson on multiple occasions, most recently at the end of his Barkley rant on Tuesday night. James related a story in which he said “Jackson didn’t say one word to me” two years ago during a visit to the Garden.

James also took offense when Jackson referred to the people around the Cleveland star as his “posse.”

On Saturday, however, James declined to take another swipe at Jackson when he was reminded of the Knicks president’s recent criticism of Anthony’s game.

“It’s not for me to comment on,” James said. “Like I said, I can’t comment on someone else’s relationship. I can only give my words of advice and my words of encouragement. It’s like you trying to comment on somebody else’s marriage. You’re not with them every day. You don’t know what they’re going through. You don’t know where the communication broke down. So you can’t comment on that . . . Like I said, I just want the best for him and I want him to be happy playing this game that he loves and if it’s here, then great. If it’s not, then great as well. That’s all that matters.”

James was willing to say he’s still a fan of Anthony’s game. James pointed to Anthony’s 25-point quarter against the Wizards on Jan. 19 as proof his “brother” still has it.

“He had 25 in a quarter,” James said. “He had 25 in one quarter this year. Very recently. So you tell me? I mean, how many guys do that?”

Unless something changes drastically, James and Anthony probably will never realize their dream of playing on the same team. As of now, they won’t even get to play together on this year’s Eastern Conference All-Star team because Anthony wasn’t elected or selected to the squad.

Still, James said “I believe so” when asked if Anthony still is an All-Star in his eyes.

“But at the end of the day, there’s a lot of deserving All-Stars as well,” James said. “But he’s still playing at an All-Star level.”

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