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Linsanity Linvades Toronto

Linsanity is in full effect in Canada.

Jeremy Lin is on the front of many of the newspapers today. He’s on a huge television outside the Air Canada Center promoting his appearance tonight. And there was a full-blown press conference for Lin at the morning shootaround.

Mike D’Antoni fittingly said: “Are we in the playoffs now?”

It’s unbelievable what has happened. I wasn’t in Cleveland for LeBron James first game back, but I imagine it was a circus. This certainly was.

I was covering the Nets when Vince Carter - who was the LeBron of Canada – made his return and there weren’t nearly the amount of media there this morning.

D’Antoni was asked if Lin should be an All-Star. (It’s been five games, by the way). Before and after D’Antoni and Lin were done speaking, some members of the New York media were interviewed about Lin. Even some writers were interviewing other writers.

All of that said, there is a basketball game here tonight and an important one for the Knicks. They have a chance to win their sixth straight game and get within one-game of .500.

With Sacramento up tomorrow and New Orleans on Friday, the Knicks have a chance to be one-game over .500 by the weekend.

The big thing tonight of course is the return of Amar’e Stoudemire. Everyone wants to see how he and Lin play together. Then when Carmelo Anthony returns, probably Friday, it will be how they play together and how the new Knicks’ Big Three Plays together.

“A lot of people are hoping that it doesn’t work,” D’Antoni said. “There’s no reason why it doesn’t. The only reason it wouldn’t is if they can’t get on the same page. “Up to now I have not seen anything except cooperation from all the players. They try to do what’s right, try to get their games compatible. We’ll see.

“Are there going to problems? Maybe it pops up. But if we sit down and talk about it and work it out, what is best for the New York Knicks, we keep that idea then they should play better with each other.”


Lin was asked about everything that’s happened to him. Here was his response:

“I think it’s a miracle from God. That’s the way I would describe it just because obviously I don’t think anybody expected this to happen the way it has happened. Again, it’s a credit to the coaching staff, the team and everyone, just our whole team right now buying into what we think is the right way to play. We’re winning a few games, so we want to keep that up.”


Toward the end of Lin’s press conference, an Asian journalist gave Lin a gift and then asked him to say something in Mandarin. He did, which he translated:

“I just said thank you to everyone for watching us play basketball.”


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