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Live Blog: 2010 NBA Draft at Madison Square Garden

NBA commissioner David Stern, left, poses with Derrick

NBA commissioner David Stern, left, poses with Derrick Favors, a forward from Georgia Tech, who was selected by the New Jersey Nets with the third pick in the NBA basketball draft. (June 24, 2010) Credit: AP


60) and the NBA's equivalent to Mr. Irrelevant is... Dwayne Collins of Miami.

59) Stanley Robinson to the Magic. Those practice dunkoffs between Robinson and Howard are sure to be entertaining.

58) UTEP's Derrick Caracter, the onetime Louisville Cardinal, selected by the Lakers.

57) Ryan Ried out of FSU to the Pacers.

56) Hamady N'Diaye to the T'Wolves.

55) Jazz pick up an athlete in Jeremy Evans.

54) Hawks take Willie Warren. That pick has a huge upside. If Warren came out last year many thought he would have been a lottery pick. Warren can flat out score and is super athletic.

53) Hawks take Pape Sy out of Senegal. Sy emerges from the Theater crowd. He has to be the last player in attendance here.

52) Well, whadda know... Harangody from the Fighting Irish to the Celtics. Once he dons that jersey, jolly green giant anyone?

51) Karl Malone's alma mater produces its latest NBA draftee in Magnum Rolle, to OKC.

50) Solomon Alabi is finally taken by the Mavs. Draft Express guys who have now taken up the seats next to Barbara and I which were originally occupied by Michael Wilbon and Stephen A. Smith really like this pick.

49) Spurs pick Ryan Richards.

48) NBDL's Latavious williams taken by the Heat.

47) Tiny Gallon selected by the Bucks

46) Gani Lawal of Georgia Tech selected by the Suns.

45) Paulao Prestes taken by Minnesota. Guys from Draftexpress down here in the second row think he is the sleeper of the draft.

44) Bucks pick up Jerome Jordan.

43) More NYC born and bred as Queens' own Devin Ebanks is picked up by the Lakeshow.

42 & 41) Heat take Jarvis Varnado and Da'Sean Butler

40) What's with the NYC vibe, Coney Island's Lance Stephenson to the Pacers. What is the chance he becomes the next Knick killer -- shades of Reggie Miller anyone?

39) Knicks take another smart player in Landry Fields out of Stanford. Garden crowd not so happy with this one as opposed to the selection of the  Garden favorite in the Syracuse guard.

If you want an in depth look into the player and person Rautins is, check out this feature story on him written by the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tyler Dunne. By far the most in depth look into Rautins. Terrific profile the result of tremendous beat reporting.

From my time at Syracuse, I can tell you that Rautins is a very heady player, and a tremendous leader. He is also obviously a lights out shooter with one of the quickest releases in the game, and he can thrive in a defense relying on intelligence. He also is scrappy, but did fold under pressure in Syracuse's loss to No. 9 pick Gordon Hayward and Butler in the Sweet 16. But the question is, is he even close to quick enough to play in the NBA? Can he provide some sort of a role in the modern day matchup league? And, just how much more room does he have to grow? 

The guys down here from DrafExpress certainly don't think so. They were shocked by the pick. They almost regarded it as laughable, and question if whether or not Rautins will make it past the NBDL next year. Definitely not fans of Donnie Walsh's selection here.

38) And the player the Knicks coveted, as Newsday Knick beat writer Alan Hahn recently reported, doesn't fall to them as Darinngton Hobson is picked by the Bucks (37)... Knicks FINALLY on the clock... and the pick is Andy Rautins of Syracuse. WOW

36) Pistons pick Terrico White from Ole Miss.

35) More Fraschilla as the Wizards take Nemanja Bjelica

34) Blazers select Armon Johnson out of Nevada.

33) Did Hassan Whiteside know all along he was going to the Kings. Well, light purple dress shirt much like DeMarcus Cousins' from earlier in the night would hint at it. And he was projected there by some. But the Marshall center who was in attendance didn't look to enthusiastic to be shaking Adam Silver's hand instead of Stern's.

By the way... is Adam "Sexy (as he is known as tothe NBA Draft Garden faithful)"Silver really that tall. For all of you fans who have never been to the Garden for the draft, after Stern finished up the first round, the podium, like, automatically rises four inches. All automated and actually pretty cool. Hard to notice on TV. Guess Stern is just really that small. Maybe as tiny as Wayne Rooney. Sorry commish, had to do it.

32) Dexter Pittman to the Heat.

31) Sure there was a Fran Fraschilla sighting with that pick. Tibor Pleiss selected by the Nets (but traded to the Hawks) with the first pick in the second round. From Alemania to the Garden, Pleiss was in attendance and is already a fan-favorite of the Knicks faithful in attendance.


30) Wizards swoop up Lazar Hayward with the final pick of the round. And, while on the topic of Hayward, how can one not think that the Golden Eagle jerseys are the best in all of sports. I mean, come on...

29) Dwight Howard will be getting some company down in Disney from the fifth player selected in the first round from Lexington. Orton will look to help as a big man with arguably the biggest -- and by "biggest" we mean most imposing presence -- in the league in Howard. The Evil Genius Calipari is at it again. Orton to the Magic. By the way, in case you were wondering, the Vuvuzelas are back... and they aren't that annoying. Reminder that the first round is almost over, as the Wizards will wrap it up with the last pick of the round.

28) Oh, hey there Grizzlies. Back, again, I see. And back with the selection to THE LOUDEST ROAR of the night from the Garden faithful, as they got behind Maryland's scorer in Greivis Vasquez as the Grizz pick him up. Well, the logo does love scorers, he was one himself.

27) Therrrrrre back... and the Nets take Jordan Crawford from Xavier BUT Crawford and the 31st pick will be traded to the Hawks for Damion James.

26) Thunder take thunderous physical specimen in Washington's Quincy Pondexter

25) Here's a player the St. John's fans at the Garden know all too well, the dynamite talent of Dominique Jones from USF. Seemed like he was the only one playing for Stan Heath and the Bulls all year. 09's breakout equivalent to Jeremy Hazell. Grizzlies might have a sleeper here in Jones. From my time at Syracuse, Let me tell you, dude's a player. 

24) Speaking of bruising dunkers, Hawks pick up a flyer in Damion James. Once again, the dunk will do the talking.

23) FINALLY, A SENIOR. TREVOR BOOKER AND HIS COLLEGIATE DEGREE FROM THE COZY CONFINES OF CLEMSON, SOUTH CAROLINA TO THE T-WOLVES. Booker defines bruiser: here's the evidence, against the national champs no less! 

22) Former Dookie Elliot Williams to the Blazers. The Memphis star jumps from Josh Pastner's bench to the great-northwest.

21) Many fans from the New York area anticipated Craig Brackins would be heading to the Garden. Well, that was last year... and in 2010 The Iowa State star dips in the draft, as he is ultimatley selected seven spots out of the lottery. A place he probably would have been selected in had he entered earlier. Brackins to the Thunder along with Bledsoe.

20) Spurs snap up James Anderson. I'll let the dunk speak for itself. Enjoy.

19) Celtics take Avery Bradley out of Texas. If you are looking for someone who can play a lot like Rajon Rondo, look no further than the one and done from Texas. He even has a similar build to the Celtic All-Star.

18) There you are Eric Bledsoe... well not at the Garden but selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Nothing but smiles for Calipari on this night.

17) A FACE IN THE CROWD: Kevin Seraphin emerges from the Theater grandstand.. and now, he's a Bull. By the way, the French sports publication L'Equipe, removed itself somewhat from the World Cup Fiasco, and is in attendance. Frenchman goes before a collegiate senior

16) Timberwolves take Luke Babbit. Looks like the Nevada native will finally have to trek out to the cold, after staying home for college.

15) Much, much, much more subdued this year from Jennings. With the Bucks selection of the first player of the night to not be in attendance of VCU's Larry Sanders, Jennings merely stands up from his MacBook and claps in approval.

14) Where are you at Eric Beldsoe? Patrick Patterson of Kentucky rounds out the lottery. Onto the Bucks, and it'll be interesting to see what Brandon Jennings does after this pick. Jennings is in press row two rows behind us apparently scouring the internet. Hard to think he will top last years shenanigans... shenanigans that were validated with his play as a rookie.

13) Raptors anticipating the departure of Chris Bosh?... Well take into account this pick of Ed Davis, Power Forward from UNC into your analysis of their psyche.

12) Well... Xavier Henry ends up in Memphis after all. Albeit, two years after he first decided on going there. Henry to the Grizzlies. FedEx Forum will finally be his home. It'll be interesting to see if he runs into Josh Pastner often. And oh yeah, Calipari is in the building.

11) Cole Aldrich will have to get used to the Bayou. The Kansas big man is heading to New Orleans. Whether his point guard is Darren Collison or Chris Paul remains to be seen.

10) Pacers take Paul George out of Fresno State. Doubt Tark and his saliva-riddled towel are in the building.

9) SHOCKER: Jazz take Hayward. Former Newsday writer Jeff Pearlman, along with many others, predicted it.

8)That other team in Los Angeles, the Clips' select Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu is sportin coke bottle-glasses that are as shiny asDavid Falk's head. I guess that's what the pipe cleaner thin Aminu thought was a good idea to stand out.

7) Pistons select Monroe -- once again, an expected pick. Monroe and his squeaky clean image couldn't be the furthest thing from this for the Detroit bad boys to draft. One time best high school player in the nation in Louisiana, moves further north.

6) If you came to the draft looking for intrigue or surprise or any real doubt within the first six picks, you looked in the wrong place. The Warriors and their newly revamped jerseys and logo, took shot-blocking fiend Ekpe Udoh. Ho hum.

5) Kings take what looks like a somewhat informed Demarcus Cousins, who sported a light purple dress shirt to match his new Kings cap. That's two for Calipari in the first five picks. He's in attendance along with Super Agent David Falk

4) Timberwolves take Wes Johnson... who is sporting the getup of the night. Draft day for Johnson equates to Christmas, as he is wearing red and green checkered glof knickers

And with the Nets selection... wait... was that a Vuvuzela I heard in the crowd from Net fans. World Cup is even effecting those soon to be in Brooklyn. 

3) And the "Let's go Nets!" chants start to ring out, Nets take... Derrick Favors. Upside is the name of the game tonight for Avery Johnson and co. No surprise here.

2) 76ers take Evan Turner. Things going as planned. Next selection from the Nets is sure to have more intrigue. Turners red tie went from Buckeye scarlet to 76er red with that pick.

1) Wizards take Wall with the first pick. Surprise factor in the choice was reflected in the relativevely dead crowd reaction in the Garden.

Hey everyone, here live from the NBA Draft. Can't complain as Barbara Barker and I are second row in the Theater. We'll have all the updates you'll need tonight as Barbara and I will be providing you with updates as the picks happen, as we'll as little facts, nuggets and video links along the way.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter

Stay right here, though as the lights have been dimmed and the show is rollin on ESPN now. It'll be within the next ten minutes John Wall is all but certain to become a Wizard, from there, more inrtigue will ensue...


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