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Good Afternoon

Live blog: LeBron meets with Cavs, Bulls

A sign awaits LeBron James as he arrives

A sign awaits LeBron James as he arrives for his meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday. Credit: Alan Hahn/Newsday

Good day Fixers! Big day in the NBA free agency landscape.

LeBron James, the prize of this year's free agent group, finishes his whirlwind of meetings in Cleveland today with arguably his two biggest: the Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls.

There has been some flip-flopping going on with today's meetings. Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer (@BDcavsinsider on Twitter) is reporting that the Cavaliers are up first at 11 a.m. and the Bulls follow at 1:30 p.m.

Our man Alan Hahn is back in Cleveland to follow the meetings. You must follow Alan on Twitter ( for all of the latest news, especially on the Knicks. And you likely have heard Alan talking Knicks and the NBA on ESPN Radio (1050AM). He's been on twice in the last 10 hours!!

As far as the Knicks, Alan has an interesting story in today's Newsday about the Knicks closing in on free agent power forward Amar'e Stoudemire with a five-year, $92-million contract. But you must read Alan's story to find out how Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker could factor into the Knicks' plans. Essential reading. Read it now.

OK, so how does all of this impact the Knicks? Well, the Knicks, like every team that has met with LeBron, believe they are in good shape to get LeBron. But today's meetings are huge.

First, there are multiple reports that Dwyane Wade met for a second time with the Chicago Bulls last night. But is reporting that Wade is on the fence about joining the Bulls. Also, multiple reports have Chris Bosh joining Wade and the Bulls for part of last night's meeting. In short, you can be sure the Bulls would love to walk into the meeting with LeBron with a commitment from Wade. Chicago has the pieces to do a sign-and-trade for Bosh.

And Cleveland, of course, is a threat to re-sign LeBron for the most obvious reasons.

Back to the Knicks: Alan tweeted last night: Talked to David Lee today in Chicago. Saw what Darko, Hakim and Rudy got and there are $ $ in his eyes.

Lee is meeting with the Bulls, Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves  this weekend in Chicago. Would Lee consider re-signing with the Knicks so they can package him in a sign-and-trade? That's a big question.

And is reporting that Joe Johnson, who met with the Knicks when the free agency period opened Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, is not a lock to take the max contract the Atlanta Hawks are offering. The report says Johnson likes the Knicks and Bulls. Alan tweeted last night -- and I agree -- it's hard to imagine Johnson leaving all of that money on the table to go to New York or Chicago.

Alan will be sending multiple updates from Cleveland and we will be keeping you updated as best we can right here. Check back often.

Update, 4:16 EST: Bulls officials leave 3 hours after they arrive. LeBron's free agency meetings are done. Fans loudly boo Bulls caravan of cars.

Update, 4:06 EST: Alan via Twitter -- Woman directing crowd awaiting LeBron from one door to another. Clearly she has no idea what LeBron is doing, either.

Update, 3:56 EST: The Bulls are still meeting with LeBron. The meeting is now over two and a half hours.

Update, 2:56 EST: Alan reporting that the Knicks are meeting today in Westchester to talk about the first wave of free agent meetings and what's next with the second-tier free agents. Click here to read it.

Update, 2:07 EST: Another question from marinajim:

Also Alan. How does Chicago, with far less than 2 max slots sign the other two? Chicago simply does not the cap space to come anywhere close to what you are suggesting.

Alan's response from Cleveland:

I'm not suggesting the Bulls can do anything. I'm merely suggesting what they could TRY to offer for Bosh. I really don't see it for the Bulls. Quite frankly, I think one of the reasons Joe Johnson hasn't completely committed to the Hawks is because he could slide right into Chicago as a perfect fit next to Derrick Rose (represented by the same agent, Arn Tellem) if LeBron and Wade are off the table, which I think they will be.

I just don't see the wild Chicago scenarios that are being promoted. I really don't. The Bulls already have a superstar in Derrick Rose and for the next two years ($5.5M and $6.9M) he's VERY affordable. Why take the ball out of his hands when he could emerge as the next MVP-caliber player in the NBA? Why not instead put in the best pieces to ensure HE becomes your great player? I don't blame the Bulls for making the pitch because, sure, you're talking about LeBron and Wade, two great players. But in the end I think the smart play is Johnson or try to get Carlos Boozer and Ray Allen. Bulls need perimeter shooters and a low post scorer.

I'm still curious to see what D-Wade does if Bosh takes a deal somewhere else, like Houston....

Update, 2:02 EST: Cavs new GM Chris Grant came out a side door to address the media after two-hour meeting with LeBron. The glass door was locked at first, which set up a comical scene of Grant jokingly waving his hands and saying he can't hear anyone's questions. The door was finally unlocked and he emerged with a statement:

“We had a very good meeting with LeBron and his group. It went well, we had a good time, it was fun and very interactive. Obviously, we know LeBron well and I would characterize it as positive. Once again, we just hired Byron Scott yesterday, a proven winner as a player and a coach and we’re very excited about that. Everybody here knows what a great owner Dan Gilbert is. He’s done some amazing things over the last five years, we’ve won a lot of games and went deep into the playoffs. Not satisfied on anything we’re doing. We’ll continue to make improvements to upgrade our roster as we move forward and this is the time of year we do those things. Lastly, it’s pretty incredible that LeBron chose to have these meetings here in Cleveland, at his home.”

He did not take questions. LeBron and his group stayed in the building to await the Bulls, who arrived around 1:20 p.m.

To read Alan's full blog entry, click here.

Update, 1:35 EST: Not an update. Definitely a thought: what do you think LeBron is thinking when he sees hundreds of Cavs fans lining the streets urging him to stay?

Update, 1:19 EST: Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports on Twitter (@BDcavsinsider) that the Bulls were locked out of the building for their meeting with LeBron. They had to call someone to let them in.

Update, 1:10 EST: OK, we have a question from marinajim who asks: Hi Alan. "Chicago has the pieces to do a sign and trade for Bosh". What exactly would those pieces be Alan? Alan's response from Cleveland: Taj Gibson and Luol Deng ... or so they think.

Update, 1:03 EST: Alan reporting from Cleveland -- Cavs meeting with LeBron ends after 2 hours. GM Chris Grant comes out, makes statement. LeBron now awaits final suitor, the Bulls, at 1:30.

Update, 12:29 EST: Hundreds of fans with team-provided signs lining streets in downtown Cleveland where meeting is taking place.

Update, 12:10 EST: Alan via Twitter -- No Jay-Z here today, but biggest celebrity on the street right now is @PDcavsinsider.

Update, 11:52 EST: Alan via Twitter -- Loving Cleveland more and more....vendor came by for fan rally and passed out free Vitamin Water.

Update, 11:04 EST:  Alan reports few hundred people surround entrance to IMG parking garage to greet LeBron. A sign (Home -- More than a player) welcomed him. Windhorst reports LeBron arrived in silver sedan wearing all back for meeting.

Update, 10:31 EST: Alan reports from Cleveland that Cavs fans are already lined up at the area around Progressive Field (where the Indians play) and Quicken Loans Arena (where the Cavs play) for the fan tunnel for LeBron.

Update, 10:10 EST: Alan via Twitter -- Not sure about reports of Amar'e being in NY today to finalize deal. As of now, Amar'e is still in Los Angeles.

Update, 9:54 EST: Alan has landed in Cleveland. The final day of LeBron-athon begins in about an hour.

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