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Liveblog: Knicks vs. Cavaliers

Fourth quarter: 113-106 Cleveland wins. James finishes with a game-high 47, Robinson scores 26 (23 in the second half).

LeBron's back. Two consecutive jumpers basically seals it. An impressive comeback attempt for the Knicks, and a record-setting performance for James early. As much as you could hope for in a matchup of two disparate teams.

Jeffries' right-side 3 no good, but Robinson streaks out of nowhere for the putback to put Knicks within 3 with less than four minutes to go. Robinson's line: 26 points on 9-for-16 shooting. Duhon game-tying 3 attempt is no good. Shocking the Knicks have a chance to tie in the fourth at all after the first quarter.

James called for the offensive foul. A timeout with 4:10 to go and the Knicks, once down 24, trail by only 5 at 107-102.

Down six now - 104-98. Where's LeBron?

Knicks down just eight with seven minutes to go. Robinson is rejected by O'Neal, who gets another block on Duhon on the same possession. Robinson lingered on the ground. And Robinson emphatically gets a block on Shaq at the other end. As much poster-material as Robinson could physically provide on Shaq.

Harrington's 3 puts Knicks down 96-88. He's got 10. Knicks shooting 12-for-24 from downtown and 53 percent overall - big improvement since the start of the game.

Down 24 at one point, the Knicks are within nine points. Nate Robinson with five points to start the quarter.

Third quarter: 94-80 Cleveland leads. James has just 3 points in the quarter.

LeBron answers with a 3. So much for the scoreless quarter.

Nate Robinson doing his LeBron impression ... or something like that. 14-2 Knicks run, Robinson with consecutive 3s, he's in double digits for a second consecutive night. Knicks down 88-77.

Hill with a right-handed hook off the bench. Lead hovering around 20 consistently: 88-68. Wouldn't've expected James would be this cold.

Gallinari makes a strong bounce pass from 3-point range into Lee on the right wing. Anthony Parker heating up now, and the Cleveland lead is back out to 21. Good for the Knicks if they're able to contain James -- he's scoreless in the quarter -- but certainly doesn't do much for the storyline.

78-58 with 7:08 to go - sloppy play to start the second half. Robinson hits another 3, brings Knicks within 17.

Robinson for Chandler on the alley oop, brings the Knicks within 18.  James still in single coverage on the outside. David Lee with his fourth turnover leads to an alley oop for the Cavs.

Second quarter: 74-54 Cleveland. James has 35 points, a team record.

LeBron's first-half line: 35, 13-18, six assists, four steals, one turnover. Also three rebounds. Goal for the second-half: don't let LeBron turn this into more of a spectacle than it is. Show an ability to adjust.

James scored an astounding 24 points for the Cavs in a row.

As for the Knicks: Lee's remained hot: 18 points, 9-for-12.

Robinson gets on the board with a long 3 with half a minute left.

Three minutes before halftime, Knicks down 65-46. Knicks shooting 49 percent - no match for Cleveland's 65. Gallo has 11 points though.

62-39 Cleveland on 7-for-11 shooting from 3-point range. The first quarter they dominated down low, now it's the outside shot. 5:24 to go in the quarter. Still 31 for LeBron.  Oh, Lee has 16.

Now it's 31 on 12-for-16. The score is 52-31. One man has matched the scoring output of one team. The Knicks are leaving James in isolation on the outside, and with 9:37 left in the quarter, there has to be a defensive switch. Where's the double-team?

Twenty-seven points, if you're counting. And you should be.

LeBron kicks it off with four more points in the first minute. Finally misses a 3 in front of Chandler, Cleveland up 48-29.

First quarter: Cavs lead 44-24. LeBron has 23 points.

With .6 seconds left, James hits another 3, this one in front of Chandler. THREE 3-pointers in the final minute. Who remembers this torrid LeBron streak?

Seventeen points now for LeBron on a long 3. Jordan Hill was guarding him. Made no difference. Even farther out now. He had 19 in the first quarter against the Knicks in November, has 20 tonight.

James has five assists, three steals and 14 points. Long night ahead for the Knicks. 35-24 Cleveland, 1:14 left.

Gallo gets on the board from the top of the arc off a flip pass from David Lee, who passed it behind him without looking.

Duhon badly misses a 3 with about 4 minutes to go and the Knicks down 26-19. Harrington with a rough start  - 1-for-4, missed two buckets on one trip down court earlier in the quarter.

James getting the benefit of a foul call on Jeffries, who has two already and takes the bench. Not a shock the King gets the hometown call, but it wasn't exactly a clear-cut charge.

Jeffries, strong from downtown of late, hits a wide open 3 from the right corner to draw the Knicks within 5, 22-17. 

8-0 run for Cleveland, 20-12 lead. James converts on a Lee turnover.  The Knicks are having trouble holding on to the ball and haven't shown any sort of defense in the post yet. Anything effective, anyway.

Lee left wide for a jumper that ties it at 12, but there's James who makes good on and and-1 at the other end to make it 15-12. Knicks could have an even greater matchup problem without Hughes.

Lee turning it on, 3-for-4,but getting one-upped by Hickson who has eight points. 4-for-5 for Lee now, also eight points.

James with a feed to Hickson, who has his second slam. Lee hits the field goal on his second try, 7-4 Cleveland with 9:32 left in the quarter after a Gallinari foul.

David Lee, coming off a season-high scoring performance against Milwaukee, starts the game with a turnover, a missed 18-footer and a foul on Shaq. 5-0 Cleveleand 53 seconds in.


The Knicks last night saw their point guard that should've been in Brandon Jennings. Losers of 10 of 14, New York (19-30) tonight faces the player it covets most in a 7 p.m. game in Cleveland.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers have won 10 in a row and became the league's first 40-win team (11 losses) with a 102-86 victory over the Heat Thursday.

James (29.4 points per game) has six double-doubles during the Cavs' win streak, and torched the Knicks for 19 points in the first quarter the last time these two met, a 100-91 Knicks loss at Madison Square Garden in November.

MVP or not -- don't get offended, Mike Brown -- James and the Cavs don't provide much optimism for the Knicks to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Heck, the Knicks' own point-guard situation can't even do that.

In his first start of the season Friday at MSG, Nate Robinson was just 3-for-12 for 13 points in a 114-107 loss to the Bucks. The demoted Chris Duhon was just 3-for-4.

Larry Hughes is out with a sprained toe.

Evan Drellich here to take you through the game.

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