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NBA: Wizards’ Sidney Lowe should have been hit with technical foul vs. Knicks

New York Knicks guard Courtney Lee looks on

New York Knicks guard Courtney Lee looks on against the Utah Jazz during the second half at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

The NBA ruled that the Wizards should have been assessed a technical foul for assistant coach Sidney Lowe’s presence on the court when Courtney Lee got the ball in the corner in the final seconds of the Knicks’ three-point loss Thursday night.

The league fined the Wizards $15,000 and Lowe $5,000 for “standing on the playing court and potentially impacting game action,” NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki Vandeweghe announced Friday.

In the “Last Two Minute Report” released Friday, the NBA determined that Lowe stood on the floor too close to Lee “for several seconds and should have been assessed a technical foul.”

None of it will change the outcome of the game. But on that controversial play, Lee — set to attempt a potential tying three-pointer from the corner — said he saw someone out of the corner of his eye who was screaming, “I’m here! I’m here! I got your help!” Lee thought it was a Wizards defender closing in on him, but it was Lowe.

Lee, who didn’t realize this until he watched the replay after the game,dribbled away from the corner and passed to Brandon Jennings, who had the ball stolen by John Wall.

In the locker room after the game, Lee said he was frustrated because he got “fooled” on the play, but he also kept saying: “I should have shot it. I should have shot it.”

Lee was open when Carmelo Anthony passed to him. At one point, Lowe was the closest person to him.

The NBA also determined that Wall should have been called for a travel with 1:23 left and a double-dribble before his breakaway go-ahead dunk with 16 seconds to go that gave the Wizards a three-point lead. Kelly Oubre Jr. should have been called for a defensive three-second violation with 8.5 seconds left. Derrick Rose should have been called for a travel with 1:01 left. And Lee, the report said, changed his pivot foot when he dribbled away from the corner.

This wasn’t the first time this season the “Last Two Minute Report’’ revealed that a non-call that affected the outcome of the game went against the Knicks. Two weeks ago, the league ruled that Giannis Antetokounmpo committed a five-second violation before hitting a shot at the buzzer to beat the Knicks.

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