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Phil Jackson calls 51-point quarter 'really awful'

Phil Jackson addresses the media during his introductory

Phil Jackson addresses the media during his introductory press conference as President of the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on March 18, 2014. Credit: Getty Images / Maddie Meyer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Phil Jackson has been the Knicks' president for a little over a week and probably already realizes that reversing their fortunes could be the hardest job he's had in his NBA career.

"We're in a talent hunt," Jackson told The New York Times after the Knicks' 127-96 loss to the Lakers Tuesday. "We have to bring in talent."

Jackson sat in a luxury suite during the lopsided loss and watched the Knicks allow 113 points in the last three quarters, including 51 in the third. The Zen Master described the performance as "awful" before leaving Staples Center and called the third quarter "really awful."

Jackson, an 11-time champion as a coach, is in the evaluation stages. But eventually he will make changes to the roster, the coaching staff and perhaps the front office.

"Phil's not going to sit idle," Mike Woodson said. "I'm sure after the season is over with he's going to try and put his stamp on things. He's going to probably go out and try to field the best talent he can. That's what it's all about when you're trying to build a team."

But Woodson defended his players. "I like the makeup of some of our guys," he said. "I would never kick them to the curb because they've been good to me. This year has been a tough year for all of us."

Chandler in shock

Tyson Chandler said he was "very shocked" the Lakers scored 51 points in the third. Woodson said it's "unacceptable" and added, "We haven't given up a 51-point quarter since I've been here."

Actually, the Knicks had never given up a 51-point quarter in their history. Their worst quarter before that was letting Cincinnati score 50 on Dec. 19, 1964.

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