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Phil Jackson's 5 keys to rebuilding Knicks

Phil Jackson addresses the media during his introductory

Phil Jackson addresses the media during his introductory press conference as President of the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on March 18, 2014. Credit: Getty Images / Maddie Meyer

1. Build around an improved Carmelo Anthony

Jackson said Anthony is in the Knicks' plans, and that he can get better. Jackson believes Anthony can succeed in his triangle offense, citing his ability to play a role and within the system on the 2012 Olympic team.

2. Play system basketball

Jackson believes in the triangle offense -- he won 11 NBA championships with it -- and likely will bring it to the Knicks. He said there are "seven principles of a sound offense'' and they make "for a real solid team effort both on offense and defense.'' It likely means bringing in a coach versed in this.

3. "Work the bushes"

With no draft picks this summer and little flexibility in free agency, Jackson said the Knicks would have to "work the bushes for players'' and find low-salaried guys at the end of the bench who can come in, play hard and give them a chance to win next season.

4. Summer of 2015

Jackson said the Knicks won't be players in free agency this summer but will "manage the roster, our financials'' to maintain the cap space they have to "have an impact'' in 2015, when Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love and maybe LeBron James could hit the market.

5. Find Anthony help

It's more likely to come in 2015, when the Knicks will have the money to spend in free agency, but Jackson said they "need another solid contributor, someone who can score to help Carmelo along and contribute to the winning experience."

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