Good Morning
Good Morning

Playoffs are marathon - literally

The Knicks are beginning what they hope is a marathon run to the NBA Finals on one of most hectic weekends of the year in Boston.

The city's famed marathon is Monday, which has made hotel rooms scarce and the streets and sidewalks full of thin, athletic people in sweatsuits.

Hotel rates in Boston regularly are steep but they have skyrocketed because of the big event.

This reminds me of the last time I followed the Knicks during the playoffs, when they visited Indianapolis in 1994 on the weekend of the Indy 500.

Yikes! I finally found a fleabag hotel that had jacked up its rate from $29 to $59 for race weekend.

I had only one question for the clerk when I checked in: ESPN? Yup. Then I watched Game 7 of the Rangers-Devils series, still the best hockey game I ever have seen on TV.

Even the fleas enjoyed it.

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