Good Evening
Good Evening

Raymond Felton out, Carmelo Anthony questionable

Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton look on in

Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton look on in overtime against the Brooklyn Nets. (Nov. 26, 2012) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Neil Best here again, this time checking in from Sacramento, the final stop on the Knicks' three-game West Coast swing.

Actually, I don't think they're quite here yet. They opted to stay overnight in Phoenix and were to head in this direction this afternoon.

Why anyone would not want to spend an extra day in Sac is beyond me. Just kidding. This actually is the first time I've ever been here.

I used to watch "Eight is Enough," which was set here. But that's different.

No updates so far today on the status of injured guard Raymond Felton and injured forward Carmelo Anthony, other than the team saying Felton is out for Friday's game against the Kings and Anthony is "questionable."

This is a game the Knicks should win no matter what players they put on the floor. The Kings are very bad at basketball.

Wednesday was about as crazy as it gets in my business. The combination of a late start, a buzzer beater and an unfolding injury story - Felton's pinkie fracture was announced immediately afer the game - made for a wacky night. There were five different versions of my main story for the evening.

Am I complaining? Not in the least. This is the life we chose, and mostly I have no regrets about having done so. But as with any job some days at the office are tougher than others.

I'm just proud to have survived it relatively intact. Ninety percent of the time any halfway intelligent person over the age of 12 who knows how to type fast can do my job.

Last night? No way. Just keeping it real here. Trust me, most of the rational people among you would have at some point during the night powered off the computer, walked out of the arena and vowed never to try it again.

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