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Report: Carmelo/Nuggets headed for divorce

According to a report posted a short while ago by Yahoo! Sports, Carmelo Anthony has told the Nuggets that he is not interested in staying in Denver. The report says the Nuggets, who just hired a new GM, former Raptors executive Masai Ujiri, will immediately look into trade offers for the three-time all-star.

Ujiri took the job -- at a ridiculously low salary of about $200,000 (more evidence of why former Suns executive David Griffin turned the job down) -- but it is clear that Josh Kroenke, the son of owner Stan Kroenke, is wielding most of the front office power now.

You can imagine the scrambling that went on at 2 Penn Plaza this afternoon when the story broke. The Knicks have had Carmelo on their radar since the moment LeBron James chose the Miami Heat.

Despite what you have read, Carmelo absolutely wants the same, but he, his representation (CAA, the same firm that reps LeBron) and the Knicks know it isn't going to be easy to work out a trade. The Knicks, even with all of this roster rebuilding, just don't have enough to offer right now. The Knicks had hoped this situation would carry into the season to allow them some time to develop some of their assets, such as Danilo Gallinari, who almost certainly would have to be a major piece in this type of a blockbuster deal.

Yahoo! names the Nets and Clippers as lead candidates because of their larger cache of assets and the locations as cities Anthony and his wife, TV personality LaLa Vazquez, would prefer to live. The Nets could offer Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and a first round pick. The Clippers could include Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman.

The Golden State Warriors could also be a candidate, with an offer of Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins.

But here's the catch: no one is going to give up a great deal for Carmelo if he doesn't agree to sign an extension. Here's where his leverage kicks in and we test his determination to play on the Garden stage as so many of his friends insist he prefers to do. Would he decline extensions and go through the season as a pending free agent and then sign with the Knicks next summer?

The Knicks may not want to wait to find out. It may take a multiteam effort to make this happen. Or else they'll potentially lose out on two superstars in one summer.



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