The Hornets may not be interested in taking offers for Chris Paul, but the Trail Blazers appear to be ready to accelerate talks regarding unhappy two-guard Rudy Fernandez.

The Knicks have regularly checked in about Fernandez, an All-Rookie selection who has been grumbling about his role under Nate McMillan for two years now. The Oregonian is reporting today that the Blazers, with new GM Rich Cho, are looking to get something done sooner rather than later.

Fernandez, according to the story, has three teams on his wish list: the Knicks, Celtics and Bulls. 

There have been rumors that the Knicks had offered Wilson Chandler straight up for Fernandez, but according to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Knicks have not included Chandler in the discussions. The source said the Blazers are interested in getting a first round pick for Fernandez, who was a first round pick (24th overall) of the Suns in 2007. The Suns then shipped him to Portland for cash (and we wonder why Mike D'Antoni wanted out of Phoenix).

If the Blazers can move Fernandez for a pick, they would move under the $70.3M luxury tax threshold.

Fernandez will make $1.2M this season and has a $2.1M team option for 2011-12. The Knicks could acquire him without moving a player because they have a little more than $2M left in cap space. But they don't have a first round pick they can offer until 2014. It is not likely that Donnie Walsh will want to part with yet another first round pick, after he gave up the 2012 pick and a swap of the 2011 pick to Houston in the Tracy McGrady deal last February. Teams can not go two consecutive years without a first round pick, so the 2013 pick can not be traded.

The Knicks have a need at the 2G spot and would love to add Fernandez as another scorer and perimeter threat to go along with Danilo Gallinari. Fernandez hast shot just 40.6 percent from the field, but from three-point range he's at a 38.7 percent clip. He's a pretty smart playmaker and thrives in the transition game. In other words, he's very suited for the D'Antoni style. 

Chandler has a $2.1M salary and will be a restricted free agent with a $3.09M qualifying offer next summer, but because the Blazers are over the cap, they can't take back more than 125 percent of Fernandez's salary. So Portland would have to include another player to make an offer for Chandler work. Sure, the Knicks would love Nicolas Batum ($1.2M), but the Blazers aren't giving him up as a throw-in, especially not when they know that Batum might need to be part of a potential offer for Chris Paul down the road.

The Bulls signed Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver this summer, so you would think the 2G spot is filled, but Korver can play some SF behind Luol Deng and Brewer can come off the bench. Fernandez next to Derrick Rose, with Carlos Boozer at the four, would make the Bulls even more formidable.

Boston has Ray Allen locked into the starting spot at the two, so Fernandez would be back in the same role he was in Portland - behind a star. The Celtics don't have cap space to make a pick-for-player swap, however, and, they don't appear to have a match for a trade, especially with newly re-signed Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels ineligible for trade until December.

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Cho told the Oregonian that, of course, the Blazers will make a trade that benefits the Blazers, so other teams are likely to get involved. Like Paul, Fernandez doesn't have any leverage here and, therefore, wish lists are merely suggestions of places he'd like to go. That doesn't mean the team will accommodate him if an amenable deal can't be reached. And that's something to keep in mind when you consider that the Knicks have been inquiring about Fernandez for over a year now.