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Satanic Versus doesn't exist between D'Antoni and Nate

Nate Robinson runs the arena in Chicago

Nate Robinson runs the arena in Chicago Photo Credit: Alan Hahn

Mike D'Antoni seems to have a new line ready for the daily inquiries about Nate Robinson's status. At this morning's shoot-around, he dismissed the suggestion that his decision to banish Robinson from his rotation had anything to do with a clash of egos or merely not liking Robinson personally.

D'Antoni said no coach would do that.

"I'd play Satan himself if I could win," he said. "I don't care. I've got no morals or scruples. I don't think a coach does because we're only judged if we win or lose and there's nothing else."

Clearly D'Antoni isn't convinced playing Robinson helps the team win and their record since his benching -- 4-2 going into tonight's game in Chicago -- supports his theory.

D'Antoni suggested Toney Douglas would get the minutes left by injured Larry Hughes and with that in mind, Robinson took to running the steps of the lower bowl here at the United Center, as you can see above. That's strength coach Greg Brittenham running with him.


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