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The Yule Blog (2010)

New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire (1) and

New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire (1) and guard Raymond Felton (2) congratulate each other in the fourth quarter of their 112-98 victory over the Oklahoma Thunder in their NBA basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York, Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Twas the night before Knicksmas
The Garden still buzzin'
It's been a long time
since it was that way, cousin.
With pen in hand and a glass of Johnny Blue
I do this each year, for Fixers like you:
When up in the standings arose great concern:
The Knicks are improving with cap space to burn!
Sure, with LeBron they never got past hello
But Amar'e signed, and they might get 'Melo.
So away to the Fix, come all, come one!
(Rejoice, my friends, the paywall is done!)
And despite that discerning eyes said he doesn't,
Amar'e brings more hope than Michelle's husband.
Got ridiculous swag, what a confident bloke,
Just needs him some rest and less time at 1Oak.
Being a star in New York can surely be tricky,
I believe 'Women weaken legs,' was the lesson from Mickey.
But the mood overview is of a confident lot
which expects, come April, a playoff spot.
Felton's from Carolina, so don't be mistooken,
Still, point guard plays like he came up in Brooklyn.
But is it enough with Amar'e and he?
With a supporting cast can they challenge Big Three?
Do you cash in your chips and shoot for the moon,
believing with Melo you'll play into June?
Or do you keep all the youth you have grown?
God bless the child who has his own.
Speaking of which, how about this dude Landry?
Second-round pick, another Donnie Walsh dandy.
(I'm now in timeout for showing bad taste,
That sounded like Vanilla Ice . . . Man, S.M.H.)
More rapid this offense, with pick-and-roll joints;
A high-octane lineup that scores lots of points.
Now, Wilson! Now, Landry! Now, Shawne and Timmy!
On, Felton! On, Amar'e! On Toney and Ronny!
Don't forget Gallo, the dynamic enigmatic,
Talk of Denver had him in an early panic.
Speaking of panic, now what you say-ah?
I got down this far without once writing Isiah?
The dark clouds seem gone, the sun shines once again
(as long as he stays far away from 2 Penn).
Mike strolling the sidelines, still earning his D-gree,
But give credit, his offense is such fun to see.
Donnie can shoot from the hip now, it's healing.
Just in time to start wheeling and dealing.
(Damn, I did it again with a corny-a** rhyme,
Yardstick to knuckles, there won't be a next time).
Things look good right now, Fixers, we're just talking hoops,
Though at any time can appear some negative scoops.
Illegal draft workouts, more Isiah warnings;
You cringe as you open the paper some mornings.
When it comes to Melo, the Nets have more picks!
This doesn't help, either: the Nuggets don't like the Knicks.
And you still need some help, to shore up the bench.
Whomever you get, he must be a mensch.
(In a Christmas poem, I just used me some Yiddish,
yeah, we can multi-culture, just sorry, no quidditch).
My annual greetings, from this seat at the bar.
to my Original Fixers, you know who you are!
We grew this year, on Twitter and Facebook
(And Knicks Night Live, wow, wasn't that a good look?)
So much to be thankful for this holiday season
Without all of y'all, I'd be writing for no reason
Keep bringing that passion and varying views
And know, despite differences, you're all Orange-and-Blues.
So thanks for the clicks, and the boos and the cheers.
Merry Christmas, dear Fixers and have a Happy New Year.
-- All the best,

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