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Tyson Chandler 'most likely' to miss game against Grizzlies too

Tyson Chandler (6) lays up a shot over

Tyson Chandler (6) lays up a shot over Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes (40) and Andrew Bogut, right, during the first half of game in Oakland, Calif. (March 11, 2013) Photo Credit: AP

BOSTON -- Tyson Chandler thought he was improving enough to where he could play Tuesday night. But the bulging disc in his neck continues to be a problem.

Chandler said he can't "look up," and he's feeling sensation down his right side.

"It runs down my neck and shoulder," he said before the Knicks played the Celtics.

Chandler missed his seventh consecutive game and probably won't play Wednesday night when the Knicks host the Grizzlies at the Garden. They're listing him as questionable, but Chandler said "most likely" he'll sit.

The Knicks said after Chandler's MRI last Tuesday revealed the bulging disc that he would miss about a week. Chandler tested it at practice Monday and by Tuesday morning, he knew he couldn't play.

"I got to play defense, and rebound and look up," Chandler said. "So that's kind of my problem area right now. It's not something that I'm really worried about in the long period. I want to be there with my teammates. I wanted to play this game. But I need a couple of days to let it calm down."

After Wednesday night, the Knicks don't play until Friday. So Chandler will have a few more days to see if he improves.

Chandler said he hurt his neck in the Denver game, the same night he suffered a bruised knee. But Chandler said his knee is fine.

"I would be back on the court if it was just the knee," he said. "The trainers said it's different from having an ankle or leg or knee or something like that because you feel like when you're close enough you can come back and rehab through the process. In this situation I felt I was close enough [Monday], so I'm like, 'I could deal with a little pain.' But when you can't move afterwards it's a little different. So this is not going to be something I'm just going to be able to fight through."

It was brought up that the Celtics decided to sit Kevin Garnett for two weeks with a foot injury because they want him strong for the playoffs. Chandler said he doesn't think he will miss that much time.

"I absolutely have to make sure I'm right," he said. "I hope not that long. I don't foresee it being that long. I felt like I was close yesterday. But, like the trainers talked about, I've got to be able to move around and feel good. [Monday] I felt like I was close. I'm like, 'Close is good enough for me, let's try it.' But obviously I'm not good."

Mike Woodson said it's up to Chandler as to when he returns. Woodson said the Knicks didn't think about sitting him for an extended period like Garnett because he wants to make sure the team is strong heading into the postseason.

"This unit hasn't been together that long," Woodson said. "I think it's important we win as many games as we can win and that we're clicking on all cylinders once we step foot into the playoffs. The only way to do that is you've got to continue to win."

Amar'e getting better

Amar'e Stoudemire, out at least six weeks after right knee debridement surgery March 11, recently tweeted: "Getting Better!!"

He also attached a photo of his legs in a compression pump. Woodson said, "things are going well," but couldn't give more detail.

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