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Wade gets early start on media circus

 Dwyane Wade knows he's a distant third when it comes to the spotlight tonight at the Garden, where a mob of credentialed media will assemble for the Heat's Broadway debut. Clearly New York fans are coming to see LeBron James, who jilted them (though, really all he did was make a decision to please himself, not the world), and you can expect Chris Bosh to get heckled for not being Amar'e Stoudemire (as if that's his fault).

Wade? An afterthought.

Though the Knicks put in the effort to meet with him in Chicago on July 2 and Wade flirted with that interest -- and their desperation -- by telling them before he left, "Get me a star and I'll get you a ring",  there was very little belief he was ever a really serious about going to New York.

But Wade, never one to miss the opportunity to spew feigned sincerity for reporters to lap up, tried to spin the story the other way in a gentle shot at the Knicks.

"I don't think they ever really wanted me here, anyway," he told reporters.

Oh yes, this is sure to be an interesting night.



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