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Wade 'intrigued' after meeting with Knicks

CHICAGO -- Though the meeting with Dwyane Wade may be merely due diligence on his part, it was nice of him to throw in that "I will say I'm intrigued" about what the Knicks had to sell. The Knicks certainly gave Wade the same pitch they offered LeBron: a chance at achieving billions by upgrading his address.

This has been a serious reality check, however. Two years ago the dream was to slide two max contracts across the table to LeBron and Wade and let them form a dynamic duo in New York. At this point, the Knicks would be ecstatic to get one of them and even that doesn't appear likely at this point.

The one possible way Wade could be available is if Chris Bosh winds up going elsewhere -- he was blown away by the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night and Houston has the assets to pull off a sign-and-trade with the Raptors -- and Wade decides joining Amar'e Stoudemire in New York is a better alternative than Carlos Boozer in Miami.

As for the Knicks, fans might want to start considering alternatives. ... As we've reported here before, Tony Parker has talked with Stoudemire about teaming up in New York, it's just a matter of working out a deal with the Spurs to make it happen. There's also a chance the Knicks would consider offering redemption (and a fresh start) to Gilbert Arenas.

At this point, anything is in play.

Stay tuned....

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