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Wrist soreness could keep Gallinari out of preseason finale

 MONTREAL -- With a bag of ice wrapped around his right wrist, Danilo Gallinari offered his prognosis.

"If the wrist feels like today," he said, "I can not play tomorrow."

Tomorrow would be the preseason finale, here in beautiful Montreal, Quebec, where the Raptors decided to play this game. You'll get no complaints from me as a former NHL beat writer, because I have missed this city like you may miss an ex-girlfriend from college. You know the kind I'm talking about.

Earlier in the week, Mike D'Antoni said the plan was to use this game as a "dress rehearsal" for the regular season, meaning he would go with his rotation and treat it like a real game. But the Knicks open the season against the Raptors next week -- this time in Toronto (hey, love T.O., but it's just not Mon-real) -- and with Gallinari hurt, Toney Douglas potentially out (right shoulder soreness) and still some decisions to make in the rotation, D'Antoni after practice here at McGill University said he would more likely "play it by ear" and "give them a good run."

Gallinari's wrist isn't cause for major concern to him. Though he admitted it was hurting enough to keep him from shooting jumpers at practice, he did say he expects to be "pain-free for the beginning of the season."

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* - This preseason has been a trip though some fashionable cities and each has a host on the team, from Milan (Gallinari) to Paris (Ronny Turiaf) and now Montreal (Andy Rautins). Rautins is Canadian...sort of. He is actually American (born in Jamesville, N.Y.) but has dual  citizenship through his father, Leo, who actually was born in Canada (Toronto). This is Rautins' first visit to Montreal, however. Still, he and a few of his teammates will partake in a historic Canadian tradition, which is to attend a Canadiens game here tonight. Les Habitants are hosting the Devils at the Bell Centre. 

* - For those hungry for minute-by-minute updates about the Carmelo Anthony situation, we'll try to convince you that, as we reported today, nothing is imminent and the Nuggets are still hoping to convince him to stay (which one well-connected former player told me, "No way he signs that extension."). Sit tight, Fixers, it's going to be a while.

But still, you need to be entertained so let me introduce you to our old friend Starberman, who came up with a gem in today's Post about how Spike Lee is doing reconnaissance work for the Knicks on the Carmelo side of things.  

* - Just a quick note about Gus Johnson's departure from the MSG Network. I always enjoyed hanging out with Gus, working with him on Knicks Night Live (we had a blast, don't take the on-air debate so seriously) and appreciated his advice and encouragement over the years. The guy is a tremendous talent and, most of all, a die-hard Knicks fan who loves this franchise. It's unfortunate he couldn't come to an agreement on a new contract, but he's got a lot on his plate with the NFL and NCAA and also commercial work. I wish him the best. Pure!

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