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You just made the list, buddy

One of the few predictable results of this offseason is that Chris Bosh won't be back with the Toronto Raptors. ESPN's Chad Ford said two sources on Friday told him that Bosh's agent, Henry Thomas, has submitted to Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo a list of five teams he'd prefer to play for should the Raptors wish to work a sign-and-trade rather than let Bosh walk.

The list included the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and your beloved Knicks.

Upon initial review, considering widespread opinion in the national media that none of the star-level free agents will come to New York, the Knicks have to feel good that they are at least wanted.

Ford's report also included a source saying Bosh's decision would hinge on where LeBron James decides to sign, which makes sense, since it is quite clear that if James is interested in coming to the Knicks, he'd want/need another high end player to join him.

I put out a few calls and emails to confirm this report, but I have to give credit to veteran Heat beat writer Ira Winderman from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, who quickly filed a follow-up to Ford's report. Winderman quoted Bosh's agent, Henry Thomas (who also represents Dwayne Wade) saying "there is no list."

"I haven't given Bryan [Colangelo] any lists," Thomas told Winderman. "There is no list."

But wait, Toronto Star reporter Doug Smith has Colangelo acknowledging that a list actually does exist.

"It has been narrowed down to a handful of teams, including us," Colangelo told Smith.

Winderman also goes on in his story to cite a source saying there actually is a list, but it's much longer than the one ESPN reported and is basically meant to give Colangelo an idea of where he should look if he planned to move Bosh.

The Lakers are an interesting team in this because they have the assets to make an attractive offer to the Raptors (start with Andrew Bynum). The Bulls can offer a hardworking young power forward such as Taj Gibson, who would fit well between Hedo Turkoglu and Andrea Bargnani, but not much else is all that enticing unless they include a third team. Miami has Michael Beasley as an intriguing young talent, though he is a bit of an enigma and you have to wonder how he would feel about being in Toronto. The Heat are believed to be targeting Amar'e Stoudemire, as well, and if he decides to leave Phoenix, the Heat might prefer to go in that direction, which would pull them out of the mix.

The Knicks would almost certainly agree to swapping their own unrestricted free agent all-star David Lee in a dual sign-and-trade swap. This has to be the hardest deal for the Raptors to make, considering the Knicks are in their division.

But, again, this doesn't become a topic of discussion unless LeBron wants to be a Knick, first.

All Bosh did with this list - or whatever you want to call it - is confirm that the Knicks are in play.

Once again, it's all up to LeBron.

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