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LeBron James the highest-paid player in the league

Miami Heat small forward LeBron James listens to

Miami Heat small forward LeBron James listens to a question during a news conference. (June 18, 2012) Credit: AP

Forbes released its list of the highest-paid athletes in the world over the past year, including 13 NBA players in the top 100.

LeBron James led the way among NBAers, coming in fourth on the list. According to Forbes, James earned $53 million last year; $13 million in salary, and $40 million in endorsements.

Among James' endorsement deals, according to Forbes, were Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, State Farm, Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

Kobe Bryant was the second NBA player on the list, two spots below James at sixth overall. Bryant earned $20.3 million in salary and $32 million in endorsements over the last year, for $52.3 million in total earnings.

Dwight Howard (33rd overall), Kevin Durant (34th) and Dwyane Wade (35th) rounded out the top five.

Carmelo Anthony (44th) and Amar'e Stoudemire (46th) were the two Knicks to make the list.

The top 13:

1. LeBron James ($53 million, 4th overall)
2. Kobe Bryant ($52.3 million, 6th)
3. Dwight Howard ($25.6 million, 33rd)
4. Kevin Durant ($25.5 million, 34th)
5. Dwyane Wade ($24.7 million, 35th)
6. Carmelo Anthony ($22.9 million, 44th)
7. Amar'e Stoudemire ($22.7 million, 46th)
8. Kevin Garnett ($21.1 million, 57th)
9. Chris Paul ($19.2 million, 72nd)
10. Tim Duncan ($19.1 million, 73rd)
11. Deron Williams ($18.2 million, 84th)
12. Rashard Lewis ($17.5 million, 88th)
13. Pau Gasol ($17.2 million, 95th)

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