MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Deron Williams can't comprehend it.

Although the Nets entered last night's game with a .619 winning percentage, they don't have a single representative on the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

"I just thought Brook [Lopez] should have made it," Williams said. "I thought he was an All-Star this year. He's been the most consistent for us all year long and has played great basketball. So for him not to make it, we hurt for him.

"It's weird. I've been on the other end in Utah where I thought I could've made it and didn't make it. Last year, I was on a losing team averaging 20 and 10 and made it."

Lopez has never been an All-Star. Joe Johnson's streak of consecutive All-Star appearances was snapped at six and Williams isn't going for the first time in four seasons.

"I think there are a lot of deserving guys," Lopez said. "I was a little disappointed that there's no one from our team overall. It's tough for me to envision a team with the best players in the Eastern Conference to not include Deron or Joe."

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P.J. Carlesimo was surprised the Nets were shut out.

"I think you can very easily and intellectually make a case for all three of our guys having been on the team," the Nets' interim coach said, "and couple it with the fact that we're up high in the Eastern Conference, it's just disappointing. It's just disappointing the coaches didn't see it that way.

"They must feel our chemistry is unbelievable because we're winning these games with such limited talent here. But I hope they did, and I want to believe that's how everybody voted. I just thought the combination of where we are in the standings and how these three guys are playing individually, it makes it hard to understand how none of them could be selected. But it is what it is."

Lopez didn't deny that getting left off the team could serve as more motivation for him. But he said he doesn't truly need another chip on his shoulder. He's having fun and that's really all that matters to him, something he kept telling himself as the thought of getting snubbed swam through his head.

"I've said before it's impossible not to think about it," Lopez said. "I thought about it before, but it went the way it went and I'm happy to be playing with these guys. It would have been a little awkward playing with the other guys in the Eastern Conference, anyway."