Jason Kidd's relationship with Lawrence Frank has deteriorated to the point at which the Nets coach will barely discuss how things currently are between him and his "reassigned" top assistant coach.

Since dropping the bombshell news eight days ago that he was banishing Frank from the bench and practice, several reports have emerged depicting a crumbling partnership that led to Kidd making the move he felt was necessary because of "philosophical differences."

Kidd, who's having Frank write daily reports on the Nets for him, was short and evasive Tuesday night when asked specifically about his relationship with the guy he publicly campaigned for in the summer.

"I've been reading the reports," Kidd said, "and that's as far as it's gone."

According to NBA.com, Kidd blew up at Frank on one occasion during a coaches meeting and spewed some vulgar language at him, apparently upset that Frank was being so demonstrative on the sidelines during games.

Kidd said he hasn't paid attention to all the stuff circulating about Frank and himself.

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"Unfortunately, I haven't read a thing," Kidd said. "I've been focused on the game plan of playing Boston."

Welcome back

Deron Williams' return after missing the last nine games with a sprained left ankle was a welcome sight for Shaun Livingston.

With Williams out, Livingston was thrust into more duty and had averaged 25.6 minutes per game in his past 10 games compared with the 23.3 minutes per contest he was playing in the Nets' first 10 games. His production dipped as a result of the increased workload.

"I start playing heavy minutes, I don't feel as explosive, as quick," Livingston said. "Me, I'm all about the longevity, so I look at the big picture and not just for this season, but for my career. Looking at it and being honest with myself and the team, I'm best utilized whenever I'm playing in spurts. I get more out of myself and am more helping the team, as opposed to playing longer minutes where you have to pace."

Doc's prescription

Doc Rivers, who brings his Clippers into town for a nationally-televised matchup Thursday, suggested to Bleacher Report that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are "uncomfortable" with the restrictions on their minutes and that's part of the reason for their struggles.

Kidd just shrugged it off.

"That's Doc's opinion," Kidd said. "I respect that opinion. Some of the restrictions are due to the game is out of reach. But that's Doc's opinion and I respect that. "