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Jason Terry, Nets find trade rumors a mild distraction

Nets' Jason Terry reacts after hitting a three-point

Nets' Jason Terry reacts after hitting a three-point basket against the Miami Heat. (Nov. 1, 2013) Photo Credit: AP

SALT LAKE CITY - It's not as if he stuck a finger in each ear, humming loudly enough to drown out any chatter.

But Jason Terry learned a while ago not to get too worked up emotionally during this time of the year, understanding it's an annual right of passage. As Thursday's NBA trade deadline rapidly approaches, and Terry's name gets tossed around as the Nets continue this seven-game road trip, he's not exactly on edge.

Still, the 36-year-old would prefer to have his fate determined as soon as possible given the hovering uncertainty.

"You are not sure if it is going to happen either way," Terry said Tuesday evening at the University of Utah's Huntsman Center as the Nets (24-27) prepared for Wednesday's meeting with the Jazz (19-33). "But for me, if it is, I'd rather know than just being in limbo for two or three days, especially at this point of my career. Then, you can better prepare yourself for it and then just move on. That's what it is."

Terry has been linked to a potential deal with the Cavaliers for Jarrett Jack, and Yahoo! reported the Nets were also in serious discussions with the Kings to ship Terry and Reggie Evans to Sacramento for guard Marcus Thornton. The Nets also reportedly have had talks with the Lakers regarding Jordan Hill.

A league source said Monday that the odds of the Nets pulling off a deal weren't very good. That's probably in part because of the luxury tax ramifications the Nets -- who already are looking at a roughly $190 million bill this season in combined player salaries and luxury tax -- would be looking at should they swing a deal.

Jason Kidd surely wasn't about to pour any high-octane fuel on any possible trade scenarios, opting to instead skirt a query.

"Does this team need to make a move?" the Nets coach said, repeating the question. "This team needs to get prepared for this West Coast trip. Management takes care of the moves."

Evans, who missed the Nets' last two games before the All-Star break for personal reasons, seemed unfazed by the rumors and is taking them for what they're worth, whether they're true or not. Asked by Newsday if he expects to be around when the deadline passes, Evans flashed a toothy grin and said: "Shoot. I'm a Brooklyn Net. No. 30."

Terry admitted he'd be disappointed if he was sent packing, all because he came to Brooklyn expecting to win a championship this season. He said he planned on talking with general manager Billy King to see if the rumblings are true, and that conversation will have to take place over the phone since King didn't accompany the team on this 12-day trip.

But this isn't the first time Terry has heard his name out there. He flashed back to his days with the Mavericks, recalling how he was sure he had been traded once then-coach Avery Johnson summoned him into his office.

"There was one story maybe one year in Dallas when my name was going around and the day of [the deadline] in the morning, coach Avery Johnson called me to his room and I was just dejected," Terry said. "Went to his room. He didn't say anything. Just, 'Come to my room, I want to talk to you.' As soon as he opened the door, I'm like, 'I've been traded? I'm gone?'

He was like, 'Man, just sit down, man. I just want to watch lots of film with you young fella. What in the hell is you talking about?' I'm like, 'What?' Aw, thank you, coach.' I thought I was gone, but after that day I never really put too much emphasis on it."

Even so, there's a part of each and every player and coach that can't wait until 4 p.m. Eastern time Thursday, signaling the all-clear and locking the Nets' roster in for the sprint to the regular-season finish line.

"I think so," Deron Williams said. "People like to say it doesn't wear on them, but if your name is being thrown out there, it's hard not to think about it. Especially if you have a family and you've got to uproot your family. There's a lot to think about. So, it's definitely tough and I think once the deadline passes, it will be good for us."

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