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Nets’ Brook Lopez: Cast me in Star Wars 8

A scene from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

A scene from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Credit: AP / Film Frame

Nets center Brook Lopez went with a friend to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’’ Thursday night in Indianapolis and described the experience as “surreal.’’

“I liked the new characters, I thought they were great, Rey and Finn,’’ Lopez said. “I thought it was fun. I enjoyed the action and everything. It was weird being in a theater for a new Star Wars. It was very surreal and dreamlike in the beginning, like, ‘There’s another one coming out.’ It was different to me. It was.”

Lopez, 27, wasn’t even born when the original “Star Wars’’ trilogy came out but he is a huge fan of the franchise. He didn’t seem blown away by the new movie, but said it was better than the three movies that made up the prequel trilogy.

He said he saw the movie in a small theater that had only five people in it beside himself and his friend. He’d expected it to be sold out. He also didn’t go in costume — he wanted to bring a lightsaber but didn’t want to take the chance that he wouldn’t be allowed to bring it into the theater.

He still is hoping to get cast in the next “Star Wars’’ movie, he said. He has said he believes, at his height (7 feet) he’d be perfect as a Wookie.

“I’m still trying to work on’’ getting a part in the new movie, he said. “Hopefully they see my Bobblehead and they’re like ‘That guy, he needs to be in the movie.’’’

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