DETROIT — Despite ending March with messy losses to Philadelphia and Detroit, the Nets finished the month with a 7-10 record. Though that wouldn’t be much to write home about for most teams, the Nets did win more games in March than in December, January and February combined, when they went 4-37.

A glass-half-full guy would say the Nets should be feeling pretty good about themselves. A glass-half-empty guy would point out that they still have the worst record in the NBA and traded what could end up being the No. 1 overall draft pick to the Boston Celtics.

And then there are guys like Jeremy Lin, who carefully consider the glass from multiple angles.

“I think part of me looks back and says it should be more,” Lin said of the Nets’ seven wins in March. “And part of me is thankful to be healthy and have had a good, relative to the rest of the season, a good month.

“I know we can do better and I know we can do more. Having said that, I’m glad we were able to see some of the fruits of our labor.”

The Nets’ resurgence, of course, coincides with Lin’s return from a hamstring injury. Injuries have limited him to 30 games this season, but he has played in 18 of the team’s last 19.

Lin does believe it is important for everyone on the team, especially the younger players, to see some positives going down the home stretch of the season.

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“I’d rather have it trend this way than the way it was trending before March,” Lin said. “I think it’s good because guys see this is what it takes to win in this league. We all have to be better. I have to be better. Other players have to be better, the coaching staff, the training staff. We all have to keep getting better and see where we can improve and take it into next year.”