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Teammates express shock after learning about Mirza Teletovic's ailment

Mirza Teletovic will miss the remainder of the

Mirza Teletovic will miss the remainder of the 2014-15 NBA season after tests found blood clots in his lungs. Credit: Getty Images / Alex Goodlett

SALT LAKE CITY - Still in somewhat of an early-morning fog, Jarrett Jack was incredulous after peeling himself out of bed at the team hotel in Los Angeles and hearing the news.

No way Mirza Teletovic was done for the season because of multiple blood clots found in his lungs during tests in the wee hours Friday at California Medical Center, Jack thought. But a quick glimpse at the Web proved it was true, something Jack called "devastating."

"The thing with me was I didn't know what happened," Jack said before the Nets took on the Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena Saturday night. "I thought it was standard, and he stayed in the back and I didn't see him after the game to be able to talk to him. So after the game, when I woke up to fly here, I just looked on the Internet and I just saw 'out for the season' and I'm like for what? And then when I actually dove into it and got some background and saw what it was, I was like, 'Man.' It definitely sat me down, so to speak."

Particularly given that Teletovic tweeted that he was feeling all right after the first series of tests after he checked out in the second quarter of Thursday's loss to the Clippers because of a shortness of breath.

But several players, including Teletovic's closest friend on the team, Bojan Bogdanovic, mentioned that the 29-year-old Bosnian had been experiencing breathing issues recently. Mason Plumlee said it's something Teletovic had been dealing with for the last "four or five games."

Even so, they never expected this.

"It surprised me a lot because I knew he had some problems," Bogdanovic said. "At the end, it's a big problem for him and for us."

Despite the initial positive diagnosis, team trainer Tim Walsh wasn't satisfied and insisted on another battery of tests. That's when the problem was discovered, and the physicians made the decision to keep Teletovic hospitalized in Los Angeles until he's able to fly safely.

"Any time there's something devastating like that, it's shocking," coach Lionel Hollins said. "It's shocking for a guy to be healthy to have an issue like that. But the good thing is that Tim went with him, Tim made him do a CT scan and they found out about it because he could've died on the plane, he could've actually died. So, it's all good in that respect, but it is devastating for him and his family."

Joe Johnson was as stunned as everyone.

"It was very shocking because I've honestly never heard of athletes -- especially when you are working out and training hard every day -- catching blood clots,'' Johnson said. "It's random, and just to hear that and then hear some of the things that he said over the course of the past week or so about how he can't breathe, it's kind of scary."

In the past two-plus seasons, the Nets have had 288 games missed because of injury -- excluding the playoffs -- and that number is growing.

Now they are without Teletovic, and there's no doubt they will miss his ability as a "stretch four" to help open up the floor. Replacing him, even though he struggled with his shot this season, won't be easy.

"It's tough," Plumlee said. "That's a big loss for us."

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