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Report: Wizards trade Jamison to Cavaliers

Amid reports of a three-way trade between Washington, Cleveland and the Los Angeles Clippers, Wizards forward Antawn Jamison left the arena right before Washington was to host Minnesota last night.

The deal, which was not announced at gametime but first reported by The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, had Jamison heading to the Cavaliers.

Drew Gooden, who the Wizards acquired on Saturday from Dallas in the trade for Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson, was to go to the Clippers.

The Wizards reportedly would receive Cavs center Zyundras Ilgauskas and a first-round draft choice from Cleveland, along with forward Al Thornton and forward/center Brian Skinner from the Clippers. Jamison declined to comment to reporters.

Stoudemire 50-50. The probability of Amare Stoudemire staying put with the Phoenix Suns has increased now that the Cavaliers reportedly have gone elsewhere.

Stoudemire rates his chances of being traded before today's deadline as 50-50.

Speaking before the Suns' game at Dallas last night, Stoudemire says he had not heard anything from the Suns and was just waiting for the deadline to pass at 3 p.m. Thursday. "It's still 50-50 - not sure what's going to happen," Stoudemire said. "We have another day or so for it to break down.

"Like I said, whatever happens I'm going to remain professional, play my heart out on the basketball court."

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