NEW ORLEANS — Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant again will share a locker room and maybe even a basketball this weekend. They also share a lack of interest in discussing that topic. On Friday, every time Westbrook was asked about being Durant’s teammate on the Western Conference All-Star team, he avoided the question and talked about Fashion Week and clothes.

“Man, you know what, Fashion Week has been great,” Westbrook said. “You been paying attention to Fashion Week? There’s a lot of great-looking things at Fashion Week.”

The two haven’t spoken since Durant left the Thunder for the Warriors last summer.

“I’m excited to be here,” Durant said when he was asked about playing with Westbrook.

West coach Steve Kerr won’t say whether he will play them together in Sunday’s game. Westbrook deflected that subject by going back to fashion.

“Man, you seen the new Public School clothing? Crazy,” Westbrook said. “They got the new Jordan hoodie. It’s crazy. What other designers? Gucci. The new Gucci stuff is dope.”

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He went a similar route when he was asked to address a report that he and New Orleans All-Star center Anthony Davis could team up in Los Angeles in the future. Westbrook’s reponse: “You like fashion?’’