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Stephon Marbury reveals suicidal thoughts on HBO's 'Real Sports'

Stephon Marbury before a game when he was

Stephon Marbury before a game when he was the point guard for the Knicks. Credit: Newsday/ J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Stephon Marbury contemplated suicide during the depths of his personal and professional problems in the NBA, the former Knick told HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" in an interview that will premiere tonight.

"I wanted to die," Marbury told correspondent Carl Quintanilla. "I wanted to kill myself some days. I did."

That was during a period when his NBA career was going south, his father had died and his "Starbury" line of basketball shoes was struggling.

Since then, Marbury has found happiness and redemption playing professionally in China, where he is hugely popular.

"I feel forever indebted to China for what they have done for me," he said, "for what they have done for my family, and for what they have done for my life."

Speaking of his stormy time with the Knicks, he said, "It was getting to the point where it was just so personal. It was bad. I mean, every day I dealt with -- I dealt with so much stuff, man. I had to deal with so many haters."

Later, he added, "I was trapped in my thoughts. I was trapped in how I felt about how I felt I was treated. I was trapped with decisions that I made."

At 37, Marbury has no plans to abandon China anytime soon.

"I left one place where they were basically hating me. And I come to another place where they love me?" he said. "I'm like, 'Why would I want to go back to a place where they hate me?' I mean, that makes no sense to me."

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